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TFT Patch Notes 13.15 Updates


TFT Patch Notes 13.15: Welcome, tacticians, to the ever-evolving realm of Teamfight Tactics (TFT), where the winds of change blow relentlessly, shaping the landscape of strategic warfare. Brace yourselves as we delve into the intricate web of Patch 13.15, an update that weaves together a tapestry of tactical diversity and captivating gameplay enhancements.

TFT Patch Notes 13.14
TFT Patch Notes 13.14

TFT Patch Notes 13.14

There will be a significant LoL Patch 13.15. Along with the formal release of Naafiri, the summer event of 2023 and a new game mode are also on the way. In addition to this, Riot is implementing further rift balance changes.

So, fellow tacticians, embrace the patch notes of 13.15 and let the symphony of balance and diversity guide your every move. Unleash your strategic might, adapt to the winds of change, and etch your mark upon the annals of TFT history. The journey ahead is filled with infinite possibilities, and it is your astute mind that shall shape the destiny of champions.

TFT Patch Notes 13.15 New Champion Naafiri

Naafiri is the next League of Legends champion. She will become the first creature champion since Yuumi to join the Darkin. As of the present, League of Legends only has three Darkin. She is also the gang’s first female Darkin. Don’t be startled if you’re fascinated by her legend.

Naafiri will be a typical assassin in the mid-lane. Because the bulk of assassin champions are extremely high-level and difficult to master, Naafiri is designed to give players a simpler entry point into the position. Even though she only possesses crude weapons, it will be essential to be at the correct place at the right time because if not, she will perish just seconds after engaging in combat.

  • So let’s go through Naafiri’s talents so that everyone understands what makes her so easy to control. Of course, if you want to go deeper into her toolset, we can assist you.
  • We Are Not Simply Passive In order to attack the targets of her talents and assaults, Naafiri summons Packmates.
  • Q for Darkin Daggers  Up to two daggers are thrown by Naafiri, and each one causes bleeding or more damage if the target is already bleeding.
  • Champions who are impacted by this talent are attacked by their packmates.
  • W – Hounds in Pursuit As Naafiri and her Packmates rush towards a threat, the first champion they strike collides with them and suffers damage.
  • Emaciate is the letter E. While recalling and healing her Packmates to full health, Naafiri sprints through an area, harming enemies.
  • Call of the Wild (R). When Naafiri attacks a champion, her pack is strengthened, additional Packmates are summoned, and she obtains a burst of speed, vision, and a shield.

New Soul Fighter Event

A brand-new in-client metagame, an entirely new game mode, and a plethora of new skins are coming with the huge summer event of 2023, it has been announced. With Samira acquiring an ultimate skin and Viego obtaining a legendary, this new universe also seems amazing.

Riot New Game Mode

Arena is a brand-new game mode from Riot that features several little arenas where players engage in epic 2v2 battle. The TFT double up option, in which you can also play with a friend, served as the model for this game style.

While playing Arena, players will pick up items and gather Augments, which will allow them to gain greater strength. Comparable to TFT is this. There will be more because Riot has a ranked mode as well.

Balance Changes

Items and runes will be altered. Certain things are broken as a result of changes made during the mid-season update. As a result, the following game components must be modified.

Hurricane Runaan

On-hit: 15 >>> 30

The AD ratio is 50% >>> 40%.

Ghostblade Youmuu

Passive lethality now has a melee and range split.


Timing: 10s >>>15s

Takedowns no longer prolong time (but they are not completely deleted).

The Trinity Force

4% >>> 6% base AD per layer

5 stacks >>>3 stacks


This edge of infinity

Damage from Crits: 35% against 45%

Attack Strength: 70 > 65


120 versus 90 second intervals

Range of active base damage: 150–350 >>> 150–300

Champion Adjustments 

Riot wishes to alter the way power works because AD champions are just too powerful after purchasing their first item. Riot has therefore announced a rebalance of many power dynamics as well as a nerf to Trinity Force. So, let us go through what we already know about Patch 13.15.

Zyra was schedule to receive a small kit upgrade in Patch 13.13, along with various balance and quality of life changes. Riot Phlox, the guy in charge of the upgrade, did tweet that these improvements will included in LoL Patch 13.15. As a consequence, the team is continuing to work on the changes even though they will not be included in this patch.

Garden of Thorns (P)

Plant damage dealt by AoE spells: 4 >>> 3

Plant Monster Damage: 150% damage against non-epic monsters >>> All monsters receive a 40-100 extra magic damage (which scales with level).

W – Excessive Growth

Seeds in ascending order: 1 >>> 2

E – Root Grasping

[CHANGED] The cast no longer locks out flash.

Stranglethorns (R)

Casting Method: Walk to Position >>> Cast at Maximum Range

Cadence of Missile Damage Update: 4/s >>> 16/s

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