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About Honey Badger Gun in BGMI


About Honey Badger Gun in BGMI: Battlegrounds Mobile India is the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, available just to Indian gamers. Krafton created and distributed this online multiplayer battle royale game.

The game was first launched for Android smartphones on July 2, 2021, and for iOS devices on August 18, 2021. PUBG Corporation teamed with the South Korean game business Krafton to produce BGMI in order to appeal solely to the Indian market. As the successor to PUBG Mobile, this title was launched in July 2021.

The game was altered to comply with Indian laws as well as to address data security and user privacy concerns. Last week, Krafton Inc announced the return of its Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) game in India. The game returned to the country over a year after it had been banned.

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About Honey Badger Gun in BGMI
About Honey Badger Gun in BGMI

The Honey Badger is a 7.62 assault weapon built for close-quarters fighting in BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India). It is available in Enangel, Sanhok, and Livik. In this article, we’ll look at the Honey Badger’s numbers, like as damage, rate of fire, recoil, and more. You’ll be able to efficiently use this formidable new weapon if you grasp its strengths and flaws.


The Honey Badger’s chest damage is relatively low at 43, considering it uses 7.62 ammunition. For comparison, it has similar damage to the AUG, M416, which puts it at a disadvantage compared to the AKM and Barrel. However, it’s important to consider the weapon’s other attributes before passing judgment.

The Honey Badger has a rapid rate of fire, about 11.5 shots per second. In terms of firing speed, it outperforms both the Barrel and AKM, as well as the M4. However, in terms of shooting speed, the AUG and Groza airdrop weapons exceed the Honey Badger. Nonetheless, given that the Honey Badger may be found in the ordinary treasure pool, its rate of fire is terrifying.

Damage per Second (DPS):

DPS denotes a weapon’s total strength and power. The Honey Badger has a DPS of 493, which is comparable to other weapons like the AKM’s 480 DPS and the Beryl’s 487 DPS. This suggests that the Honey Badger’s damage output is on level with, if not better than, the Beryl and AKM, cementing its place in the 7.62 weapon category.

The Honey Badger has a distinct recoil pattern, usually ascending in a nearly straight line. It has low horizontal recoil, making the gun’s recoil more predictable and easier to regulate. Although the vertical recoil is rather significant, it is manageable with enough practise. Controlling the recoil may be difficult at first because of its quick upward movement.

Effective Range:

The Honey Badger is not an excellent weapon for long-distance spraying. It is very effective in close combat and may also be used for mid-range spraying. However, its low bullet velocity should be taken into account. The Honey Badger’s bullet velocity is roughly 675 metres per second, which is somewhat lower than the Barrel M762. It sits in between SMGs and 5.56 assault rifles, making it ideal for mid-range sprays on sturdy targets.

It is not advised to spray at moving cars or targets. The Honey Badger’s superb hip firing accuracy and dependability are two of its distinguishing attributes. The weapon has reduced horizontal bullet dispersion, resulting in more precise hip shooting. The Honey Badger’s hip firing accuracy outperforms that of the AKM and Beryl. To take use of this feature of the weapon, use hip shooting whenever feasible.


In BGMI, the Honey Badger is a strong weapon that surpasses favourites like AKM and Beryl in a variety of surprising ways. It has a fast rate of fire, good damage output, controlled recoil, and consistent hip shooting accuracy. Players may successfully use the Honey Badger to dominate close and mid-range battles and catch opponents off guard by recognising its strengths and limitations. It is advised that you try out this new weapon to better grasp its capabilities. Remember to take advantage of its hip firing precision for best results.

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