Obtain 50 Contribution Point During the Clan Battle Event in BGMI

Obtain 50 Contribution Point During the Clan Battle Event in BGMI – Are you hoping to have a big impact on the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Clan Battle event? This thorough tutorial will coach you through practical tactics and advice that will enable you to earn 50 contribution points and contribute to the success of your clan. You’ll be on your path to excelling in the clan war arena by honing your gameplay and cooperation.

Obtain 50 Contribution Point During the Clan Battle Event in BGMI
Obtain 50 Contribution Point During the Clan Battle Event in BGMI

Obtain 50 Contribution Point During the Clan Battle Event in BGMI

Select the Correct Clan

For you to earn as many contribution points as possible, you must join a lively and well-run clan. Choose a clan that places a strong emphasis on collaboration, participation, and communication. Dedicated Discord servers or other communication tools are frequently available in active clans so that members can plan and coordinate gameplay. You’ll have more options for teamwork and collaboration, which will result in higher contribution points, if you’re a part of a motivated and encouraging clan.

Cooperate with the members of your clan.

During the Clan Battle event, effective communication and coordination within your clan are essential. To coordinate your activities, assign tasks, and develop plans with your clanmates, communicate frequently. Establish leaders or shot callers who can act quickly and decisively throughout games. Your chances of success will be considerably increased by sharing information regarding enemy locations, weapon drops, and prospective threats. Keep a respectful and open atmosphere where everyone can share their thoughts and insights.

Improve Your Loadout

During the Clan Battle event, make sure your loadout is successful if you want to have a large influence. Learn about the many weapons and tools that are available in BGMI, then select the loadout that best suits your playstyle. To choose the best loadout, take into account the map and game mode. Work together with other members of your clan to ensure that your team has a variety of loadouts to suit different playstyles and positions.

Master collaboration and teamwork

To earn high contribution points in the Clan Battle event, cooperation is essential. Work together with your teammates to carry out well-thought-out strategies. Use voice chat or in-game fast messaging to communicate callouts and crucial information. To outnumber your opponents, organise ambushes, conduct synchronised attacks, and coordinate your moves. Develop a deep grasp of each other’s strengths and shortcomings through team practise. You can earn a tonne of contribution points by encouraging efficient teamwork and coordination.

Be Flexible and Learn from Every Battle

Every Clan Battle game offers a chance to learn. After each game, evaluate your performance to find areas that need work. Pay attention to mistakes in positioning, judgement, and communication. With your clanmates, share your mistakes and how you learned from them. Watch replays of your games to learn more about the tactics used by the opposition and spot any vulnerabilities. Apply these findings to your gaming, continually adjusting your strategies to boost your contribution points in subsequent encounters.

Keep moving and involved.

Gaining 50 contribution points during the Clan Battle event requires active involvement. Participate in clan wars on a regular basis and stay active when possible. Participate in practise sessions, scrims, and strategy meetings to improve your abilities and cooperation with others. Maintain communication with your clan mates and inspire others to take an active role. You’ll gain contribution points by continuously demonstrating commitment and involvement, and you’ll also forge close relationships with other members of your clan.


Best of luck in your future Clan Battle endeavours and good luck in achieving 50 contribution points during the Clan Battle event in BGMI by using the strategies outlined in this guide and consistently improving your gameplay.

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