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How to Get COD Mobile Lucky Draw Cost


COD Mobile Lucky Draw Cost: Using this calculator, you may determine how much CP the chosen Lucky Draw will cost you every spin and overall. Because the basic cost varies by area, you must input it as well.

You may also select your nation to discover how much it will cost you to enter the draw in your local currency. Activision’s in-game data are used to compute costs. Actual prices may change somewhat in certain circumstances owing to rounding mistakes, but the calculator’s conclusions should be quite near to reality in most cases.

Real-money values are given by the user and may fluctuate over time. I’ll do my best to keep them up to current, but if you notice anything incorrect, please report it on Reddit or Discord! Thanks! COD Mobile (Call of Duty Mobile) is well-known for its fast-paced, action-packed gameplay and wide range of in-game playing modes (both MP and BR).

Aside from the gameplay aspects, the variety of treasures in Call of Duty Mobile makes it a fan favourite. Fans who enjoy spending COD points in the game will be overjoyed to learn about the new fortunate draw. Rockin the Block Draw follows the same formula as all of the game’s prior equivalents, offering a comprehensive catalogue of unique rewards.

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cod mobile lucky draw cost
cod mobile lucky draw cost

CoD Mobile Kevin Durant Draw:

Check out the goodies and learn more about the next CoD Mobile drawings. Except for the legendary Lapa skin and weapon skin, the entire item list for the draw has not yet been released. Individuals may look forward to some nice mini-rewards from the next Draw.

Everything, including the price distribution in the Draw, will remain the same. Only the presentation will differ from that of regular fortunate draws. This is the only event where players frequently have to wait a week to capture something hot. Aside from that, players will get access to various mini-rewards such as an emote, a bag skin, and more.

To draw the goods, users must pay COD Points, with the initial draw costing 20 CP for Indian players. After each draw, the price of the draw rises (20 CP, 30 CP, 50 CP, etc.). Each region has its own set of draw pricing. This is everything for the upcoming game draw. Keep reading for further updates on the search Call of Duty Mobile.

Rockin the Block Draw:

Rockin the Block Draw features Rock n Roll-themed goods like as the operator “Killgore – Vengeful Flames” and the legendary M4 – Iron Song, among other epic class awards. Here are the collectibles and their starting odds in the most recent COD Mobile. It is clear from the odds that prizes such as Skellie’s Song and Backpack – Axe Sling are most likely to be obtained on the first spin.

At the same time, obtaining M4 – Iron Song and Killgore operator skins during the first few turns is almost difficult. The odds are determined by the rarity of an item in the prize pool, which means that if a lucky player obtains an uncommon skin within the first few spins, the odds of every other item, even the rarest ones, are increased.

If a player has a “Lucky Draw Coupon,” they will only need to spend 1 COD Point for the first Rockin the Block Draw draw. The pre-adjusted gunsmith loadout and boosted abilities, however, are not the only selling points of the Iron Song M4 in COD Mobile, as its electric guitar-like design with a flaming aura is also impressive.

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