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How to Unlock Mega Kill Medal COD Mobile


Mega Kill Medal COD Mobile: Call of Duty: Mobile is a free-to-play first-person shooter video game for Android and iOS created by TiMi Studio Group and published by Activision.

Prepare the device for storage: You’ll need roughly 1.6GB of storage space to install CoD: Mobile and save game data, so you may need to clear some space. If you are close to the limit, your phone will not perform as well, and this is a tough game. Playing COD: Mobile on PC is thankfully very viable, and there is even an officially supported programme for it.

Which includes keyboard/mouse and gamepad compatibility, as well as increased performance. Our easy-to-follow instructions will walk you through the process. PUBG Mobile has a somewhat more realistic battlefield feel. COD Mobile, on the other hand, has a faster response time. It would be ideal for players who prefer playing at a faster pace. Furthermore, #COD Mobile has the best accuracy, fluidity, and movement speed.

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mega kill medal cod mobile
mega kill medal cod mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile combines content from multiple successful COD games and includes a variety of game types, a battle royale mode, and a plethora of customization possibilities. It’s completely free to play, but there are several microtransactions hidden beneath the surface that help the game’s development.

Mega Kill Medal COD Mobile: 

Mega Kill – Killed 7 adversaries in a short period of time. Popcorn – Used a single Grenade to kill two or more adversaries. Giant Killer – annihilated an enemy VTOL. Rejected – Destroyed the Hunter Killer Drone of the adversary. Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) offers a slew of medals that become available after a set amount of time.

Because obtaining medals in COD Mobile shows how great of a player you are, many gamers look for ways to get medals in the game. The sole reason why so many CODM gamers are having difficulty obtaining medals is that they cannot be won by redeeming coupons.

All Call of Duty Mobile medals are related to specific events, and players must finish that event in order to acquire the relevant medal. When you successfully finish an in-game event, the corresponding medal will be added to your collection. You may have a lot of medals in COD Mobile, but we’re confident you have a lot more.

To add all of the medals available in Call Of Duty Mobile to your collection, you must accomplish the following in-game events. Yes, we have collected a list of all COD Mobile medals and the requirements for obtaining them. To make things easier for you, we’ve classified all CODM Medals into five categories: kill medals, killstreak medals, scorestreak medals, miscellaneous medals, and zombie mode medals.

Call of Duty Mobile best settings and controls:

At the start of the game, you’ll be offered with two control options: easy and sophisticated. When you aim at someone, Simple fires automatically, but Advanced allows you complete control, and it is the latter that you should select – even if it means gaining a little more training. Simple controls will never get you anywhere.

Tap the settings cog in the lobby to access all of the game’s options. Controls has the options Simple and Advanced, as mentioned before, but Advanced has the customise button, which allows you to move control components to new positions. Be careful that the docks for multiplayer and battle royale are slightly different, so modify both.

A new feature has been the ability to move directly to prone (laying down) rather than needing to long press the crouch button. The prone button is disabled by default, however enabling it allows you to drop to the ground and continue fighting, a move known as dropshotting. It’s popular in PUBG and is becoming increasingly popular in COD:M since the release of the new control option. Settings > basic controls > conceal prone button are the possibilities.

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