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Conan Exiles Update Today


Conan Exiles Update Today: Conan Exiles version 1.93 has been made available for all platforms by Funcom, and it features a number of bug fixes, technical improvements, and a fresh patch that fixes a game vulnerability. Learn more about the July 5 patch for Conan Exiles by reading on.

Conan Exiles Update Today
Exiles Update Today

Conan Exiles Update Today

Conan Exiles patch 1.93 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. According to the official Conan Exiles 1.93 patch notes, the most recent Age of War hotfix 1 update includes performance and stability improvements, bug fixes, and memory optimisations. Conan Exiles version 1.93 was published today and includes exploit patches, building and placeable issues, AI and NPC issues, general bug fixes, and UI/text enhancements.

  • The issue with a crash brought on by altering a clan’s emblem has fixed.
  • Shipping configuration builds now contain logging for DWLogString.
  • An enhancement for a dedicated server was introduce.
  • The RAM on Xbox has enhanced to decrease Out-Of-RAM crashes.
  • An exploit using resources was fix.
  • The gallant Golden Derketo Cat award now seems to be the right size in every way.
  • Now anybody may steal the treasure of the Gilded Jade Warhorn and the Gilded Harp.
    Now, any money hoard can confiscated.
  • Coin heaps now need a level surface, thus they can no longer be placed on top of one another.
  • Turanian and Aesir’s half staircases have modified to properly link with other construction elements.
  • The half-staircase symbols for Turanian, Aesir, and Stormglass have updated.
  • The Age of War save game update has made it so that followers no longer suddenly deteriorate or disappear.
  • All pets now have a slight health boost thanks to an increase in the base health modifier, which went from 1.2 to 1.6 for all pets. The health of grey rhinos has increased.
  • Hecker the Henpecked Blacksmith has taken back his rightful place.


General Bug Fix

  • The task “Claim Heroic Treasure” may now complete successfully even when the player is close to the coffer’s maximum radius.
  • Warpaint used by Shamans no longer shines at night.
  • Several times throughout a session, key bindings on a controller can now reset.
  • On menu screens, the “Select” action prompt will no longer alter in response to an unrelated controller setting.
  • The field selection will remain static upon rebinding or reset of a controller option.
  • a bug that occasionally caused text on the controller rebinding screen to flicker has fixed.
  • The “Menus” section now contains the “Toggle Emotes Menu” controller rebind option.
  • Like all other shields, Stygian and Vanir shields are now made at the armorer’s benches.
  • When used to reverse the effects of a Weapon Damage Kit, the Prying Kit no longer reduces a weapon’s toughness.
  • The Prying Kit is no longer removing oil.
  • The inaccurate “Legendary” label on Blackheart Blade and Blackheart Hammer has removed, and the correct border has applied.
  • Timers on lubricated equipment will no longer reset by fixing Grindstone.
  • The Heartpiercer bow now performs as intended as a demonic bow, lasting an hour and never running out of arrows.
  • Cold Resistance has added to shields such as Scorpion Ward and Ymir’s Targe.
  • The use of Katana special attacks following a light or heavy blow may waste too much energy.
  • Because the Ancient Pike is not an Epic weapon, its values have altered.
  • Blunted Javelin now does the intended 1 health damage.
  • The legendary description for Voidforge Arrow has removed.


Text Bug Fix 

  • The Lost Dungeon building kit now includes updated images.
  • The perish timer on abyssal armour and weapons has replaced with a durability metre.
  • Now, the names of the riches are correctly localise in the coffer’s treasure value list.
  • Previously spilled Heroic Treasure names now correctly display localised names.
  • The iconography used to identify elixirs and elixir boosters has adopted.
  • The Hardened Steel Great Axe now has a new icon.

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