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Genshin impect Joyeux Voucher Locations (Flowing Joysper Gadget)


Genshin impect Joyeux Voucher Locations (Flowing Joysper Gadget): Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game created by miHoYo and distributed in mainland China by miHoYo and globally by HoYoverse.

It was launched in 2020 for Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, and Windows, followed by PlayStation 5 in 2021 and Nintendo Switch in 2022. Because of its huge geography and immersive gameplay experience, Genshin Impact is an extremely popular gaming title. The combination of single-player and multiplayer components in Genshin Impact distinguishes it from other games.

The most well-known Mondstadt character is Cryo user Eula, who debuted in Genshin Impact version 1.6. She’s a fan-favorite Cryo user who still holds the record for the game’s highest recorded damage figure. Joyeux Vouchers from Genshin Impact are event currency used to gain valuable things during the Secret Summer Paradise event in 3.8. This article will show you how to earn them, how many coupons you need to receive the free Kaeya skin, and how to use them!

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Genshin impect Joyeux Voucher Locations (Flowing Joysper Gadget)
Genshin impect Joyeux Voucher Locations (Flowing Joysper Gadget)

Joyeux Vouchers may be discovered throughout the Veluriyam Mirage region in Voucher Boxes, Choo-Choo Cart Challenges, and Faschinating Chests. The Veluriyam Mirage presently has 20 Voucher Boxes. We’ll update this area when new information becomes available!

How to Get Each Voucher Boxes:

When you arrive in the Veluriyam Mirage, this is the first Voucher Box you’ll notice. It’s immediately above the first set of steps after the roundabout. Head east from the first Voucher Box until you see a new Box prompt on the map. This voucher box is located above ground, directly across the bridge from the home. On top of the large rock in the centre of the river, north of Silver Bottle Courtyard.

Ask the Water Droplet for assistance near the little roundabout in the middle of Silver Bottle Courtyard. It will generate a Pinwheel, which Anemo can utilise to create an updraft. In the Silver Bottle Courtyard, atop the topmost building. There are no existing methods of gaining access to this box.

Circle around the rock and branches east of Silver Bottle Courtyard to discover the Box on the wide rock platform below between the trees. Atop a neighbouring wooden tower at the Choo-Choo Cart stop south of Silver Bottle Courtyard. To discover the Voucher Box beside the window, go to the Waypoint south of Silver Bottle Courtyard and climb to the roof of the nearest home.

The Waypoint resting on a tree is located west of Silver Bottle Courtyard. The Choo-Choo cart station is located east of the Overgrown Valley. After activating the Hub Flower and opening a new set of tracks, you may use the Choo-Choo cart to go to the spot.

North of Overgrown Valley:

Located on a wooden raised platform slightly north of Overgrown Valley, directly below the chest-filled hut. Climb the cliff on your right after arriving at the Choo-Choo Cart’s second stop (Overgrown Valley) to discover the Box above. Found far above, behind the arches. Climb to the top of the archway and glide down to get the Box.

Found hovering above the rails in midair. Drop down and glide towards the Box after getting on top of the Hub Flower through the Choo-Choo Cart. It was discovered on top of a vine-clinging rock. Interact with the neighbouring Water Droplet to spawn a mushroom on which you may bounce to the top.

To discover the Box, glide down beneath the Choo-Choo cart stop and search for the little cabin near the river. Interact with the starshroom inside the little hut located south of Overgrown Valley.

It will pop the bubble, allowing you to obtain the Box nearby. Set the Choo-Choo rails to the southwest desert (purple flower), then take the Cart there. To get access to the new rail, pop the three water bubbles along the path. The Box is located at the conclusion.

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