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Elden Ring Side Quests in Order Solution


Elden Ring Side Quests in Order: Do you want to locate and finish all of the Elden Ring side quests? Elden Ring’s primary path across the Lands Between is covered in our tour, but there’s a lot more to explore in Elden Ring.

There are several NPCs that will give you side tasks that will allow you to gain some of the greatest weaponry and armour sets in Elden Ring. Some of these side tasks even lead to different Elden Ring endings, of which there are six in all. However, discovering and keeping track of these side tasks might be difficult because Elden Ring is easy to become lost in. Fortunately, we’re here to assist you in staying on track.

This guide will walk you through all Elden Ring side quests, spanning over 30 separate questlines that you can get lost in. Those wishing to complete Elden Ring can use the list below to locate every NPC side mission, or you can just play through Elden Ring and utilise this guide to keep track of the numerous side tasks you discover along the way.

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elden ring side quests in order
elden ring side quests in order

Elden Ring Side Quests in Order:

Varre is the first NPC in Elden Ring who is not a ghost. You might remember him as the guy who labelled you maidenless before you could even get your bearings. His mission rewards a reusable Bloody Finger for PvP invasions. If you like, he can also get you to Mohg’s Palace early.

Speak with Varre the first time you enter Limgrace. Speak with Varre again after your initial visit to the Roundtable Hold. After getting your first Great Rune, return to Rose Church and collect the Festering Bloody Finger. You have two choices from here. Option 1 (PvP): use the Festering Bloody Finger to infiltrate three players.

It is not necessary for you to kill your invasion targets. Option number two (PvE): The invasion sign can be found in the Writheblood Ruins, west of the Altus Plateau minor Erdtree. Magnus the Beast Claw, the NPC, must be defeated. Return to Varre after achieving one of these tasks to get the Lord of Blood’s Favour.

Bloody Finger Hunter Yura quest steps:

Yura’s quest is similar to Varre’s in that it gives a Crystal Tear that may be used to nullify the boss battle features of Mohg, Lord of Blood. It also grants a really nice red twinblade to any Darth Maul cosplayers. Meeting Shabriri terminates Yura’s mission, although you can still obtain the tear and twinblade. This will be discussed more below.

Approach Murkwater Cave to invite Bloody Finger Nerijus to invade. Yura will come to your assistance. Take cautious not to kill Yura, as this will finish his mission. Find Yura in Raya Lucaria and utilise the summon symbol on the northern bridge to summon her. Return to the Second Church of Marika and talk with Yura to get the Nagakiba katana. To receive your prizes, assist him in defeating Bloody Finger Eleonara.

If you begin Shabriri’s quest before finishing Yura’s, Bloody Finger Eleonara will invade you at the Second Church of Marika. Defeating them grants access to the tear and twinblade. Nagakiba may also be found in the last location you met Yura before encountering Shabriri. If you never said anything to Yura.

Ranni’s Questline:

  • Trigger Location: Ranni in Ranni’s Rise in the Three Sisters area in Caria Manor
  • Rewards: Alternate grey area ending

Some believe Ranni the Witch’s interpretation of Elden Ring’s finale to be the greatest. To get there, gamers will have to play virtually the whole game while keeping her questline in mind. It entails speaking with Ranni, exploring Siofra River, beating Starscourge Radahn, exploring Nokron, and acquiring an item and ring for Ranni (the one in the chest in the Rennala boss battle Grace).

That concludes the first half. The second half of the game is doing errands for Ranni’s doll in Ainsel River, Nokstella, and Lake of Rot. By then, Ranni’s Moonlight Altar will be accessible. This unlocks another contentious ending in which players finally get to make up for being “maidenless” at the start.

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