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How to Complete FGO 6th Anniversary Memorial Quests


FGO 6th Anniversary Memorial Quests: With the third anniversary of Fate/Grand Order, players have gotten free goodies and much-needed materials to improve their slaves.

The yearly celebration also sees the return of some limited servants as well as the gacha debut of Skadi from Lostbelt 2. However, the two-week event has a more difficult aspect for gamers who are invested in the main tale. There is a memorial quest associated with each chapter of Part 1 and Part 1.5.

It is important to note that each memorial quest may only be performed after finishing its particular tale, and the first seven must be finished in order. While all of the opponents have improved health bars and, in some cases, new techniques, the approach to beating them remains mostly the same. Gilles doesn’t hit very hard as a Caster-class servant.

Therefore players should have several great Riders, especially numerous welfares like Ryouma, who can substantially damage or one-shot Gilles with an NP. Gilles will, however, occasionally perform a talent that boosts his debuff resistance or decreases the NP strength of 1 servant, so keep this in mind while bringing Charm servants or if the primary damage dealer receives the NP debuff.

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fgo 6th anniversary memorial quests
fgo 6th anniversary memorial quests

FGO 6th Anniversary Memorial Quests:

In this guide, we will go over the prospective specifics of Fate/Grand Order’s impending 6th anniversary event based on the Fate/Grand Order Japan Server, as well as how many prizes players will be able to acquire from this next special occasion. Furthermore, we shall discuss the exceptional workers who will be freed at this auspicious event.

Wonderful God Amun-Ra is a strong boss from the Camelot chapter of the main plot. Amun-Ra is an ancient Egyptian god who had a significant role in Egyptian civilization. Amun-Ra can appear as a man with a frog or ram head, a man with an ostrich crown, or even a goose. Amun-Ra has special abilities in this quest.

These include reducing the enemy’s NP generation, eliminating debuffs, increasing one’s own attack power, and healing oneself. The healing is substantial, with a base of 100,000 HP. Extra healing base on the amount of damage they absorb. There is a tough monster that appears in the main story’s E Pluribus Unum chapter. Also known as the 5th pillar of Solomon in Demon God Pillar Halphas Quest of FGO 6th anniversary. Halphas is an earl in demonology with a wide range of abilities.

Halphas may provide weapons and ammunition to towers, send humans to battle, and lead a massive army of spirits. In the game, Halphas is vulnerable to cavalry, which includes Casters, Riders, Assassins, and Berserkers. It is thus recommend to bring one of these classes in order to do particularly effective damage. Halphas is one of the Pillars who may vanish after you finish Barbatos and Forneus. To finish the FGO 6th anniversary memorial missions, you must defeat the Demon.

Fate/Grand Order 6th Anniversary Rewards:

With the 6th anniversary of Fate/Grand Order approaching, special events will be host with unique awards for players to claim. As a result, players should adhere to this event schedule in order to reap the greatest number of awards. From these events in order to prepare for the special 6th anniversary banner.

The special release of Fate/Grand Order’s main narrative campaign – the 6th chapter of the main story’s 2nd portion – Lostbelt no.6 – Avalon Le Fae – is first on the list of special campaigns and events building up to the 6th anniversary. Players will be able to clear narrative chapters and gain limit time materials and saint quarts need to prepare for fresh new servants that will be introduce during the 6th anniversary event after the main story chapter is launch.

Furthermore, while progressing through the tale. Players will have the opportunity to acquire up to 100 million QPs and up to 30 saint quarts. The publication of Lostbelt no.6 – Avalon Le Fae will broken into three parts, with parts 1 and 2 coming before the 6th anniversary and the last portion coming after.

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