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Oh My Venus MLBB


Oh My Venus MLBB: You may now test out several of the most recent, tremendously exciting Mobile Legends improvements. Furthermore, knowing Oh My Venus ML’s biography piques players’ interest in this Estes professional player for Mobile Legends. Particularly for some of the guys who are so calm and strong, as the captain of the current hero. Identify him as Estes, a well-known professional player, for us. Today’s profile provides us with motivation, which helps us fight the opposition more successfully later.

Oh My Venus MLBB
Oh My Venus MLBB

You must be made aware of the Mobile Legends Event’s arrival as soon as feasible in order to make playing the game simpler. There are other additional elements in this game.

Oh My Venus MLBB

Oh My Venus is a Blacklist International professional gamer that goes by the screen name OHMYV33NUS. The fact that he led his side to victory in the most recent M3 game caused an even bigger surge.

Oh My Venus is also a competent Estes player who can threaten the opponent. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Estes will most likely have a forbidden hero if, for instance, Oh My Venus is vying for his attention.

Venus is frequently mistaken for a male foe by Mobile Legends gamers. But when we examine closer, we see that she is a lady despite the way she appears to be.

And Oh My Venus, who after winning the first-ever Blacklist International, became the first Skin Estes M3 Mobile Legends. being excellent and generally cool skin, especially the result.

Pro Player Estes Mobile Legends, which was very well-liked at the time of the most recent M3 victory, after reviewing the biodata of Oh My Venus ML. Oh my Venus has accomplished so much more. Keep practising, play sensibly, and refrain from becoming a toxic player!

Oh My Venus MLBB Information 

The Mobile Legends esports community may have paid a lot of attention to Oh My Venus. Vicigers who haven’t been following the global Mobile Legends competitive scene can read VCGamers’ compilation of his biography from various sources.

Johnmar Villaluna, better known as OhMyV33NUS, is the full name of the esports competitor known as Oh My Venus. On July 20, 1994, he was born in the Philippines. He is now Blacklist International’s mid laner.

His following on social media is enormous. She has more than 1.3 million followers on TikTok and over 266 thousand on Instagram.

Oh My Venus MLBB Achievements

He started playing Mobile Legends professionally in 2019 with ONIC PH. He was the ONIC PH’s captain and a member of the team. Contributed to the team’s success on the pitch by assisting them achieve their second-place finish in the MPL Philippines Season 4 competition.

He and his group came in second place in the MPL Philippines Season 5 competition the following year. While he was the captain of ONIC PH, he had a terrific playing connection with his friend Wise.

Following his success in leading ONIC PH to second place in both competitions, Blacklist International recognised his talent as a professional player and signed him in 2020.

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