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How to Get Weekly Diamond Pass MLBB Every Week


Weekly Diamond Pass MLBB: Maximising your emblem stats, repeating attractive emotes, and murdering in your fave hero skins bring a new dimension of pleasure and satisfaction to your MLBB experience.

Whether you’re saving up for bundles or a hero you’ve heard about in one of our guides, Moonton’s new MLBB Weekly Diamond Pass is worth a look. So, if you want this weekly diamond pass MLBB, stick around. We’ll check if we have to buy it or if we can make some adjustments to receive this weekly MLBB diamond pass for free.

In this essay, we will go over everything you need to know about the MLBB weekly diamond pass. So, without further ado, let’s get started with the subject. Weekly diamond membership Baseball: Mobile Legends Bang Bang offers a weekly diamond pass in exchange for free diamonds.

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And with these diamonds, you may buy everything in the game. Every week, a new weekly diamond pass is published, giving users the opportunity to earn free diamonds and gifts.

Weekly Diamond Pass MLBB:

MLBB Weekly Diamond Pass is an incredible $1.99 deal. You will receive 210 Diamonds, 210 Starlight Scores, and 7 Diamond Pass Choice Bundles over the course of seven days. With the package option, you may choose between 20 Tickets, 20 Magic Dust, 10 Magic Fragments, or 10 Crystals.

To get the most out of this deal, remember to log in every day and earn your prizes. Make sure to collect your free things before they expire, since they are distributed at 0:00 Server Time and are valid for 24 hours. It is critical to realise that the Weekly Diamond Pass does not count towards your First Recharge or other Recharge Tasks.

It is vital to note that the incentives are delivered to you every day at 0:00 Server Time and expire after 24 hours. As a result, be sure to log in every day to redeem and enhance your rewards. Keep in mind that you cannot modify Recharge Missions or the First Recharge by purchasing the MLBB Weekly Pass.

How Do I Get A MLBB Weekly Diamond Pass?

Go to shop, a secure and convenient shopping site. Enter your Zone ID as well as your MLBB User ID. This ensures that the correct account receives the Diamonds. Look for and pick the “Weekly Diamond Pass” option. Enter the payment method you prefer. You have several alternatives to pick from.

To finish the transaction, click the “Buy Now” button. The newly acquired Diamonds will be instantly added to your MLBB account. Keep in mind that your MLBB account must be at least Level 5 in order to be eligible for the  Pass. Also, if you have a few days remaining on your Pass, you can purchase multiple Passes as long as each one does not hit its expiration date.

The Weekly Diamond Pass can also be purchased within the game. Simply click on the Diamond symbol in the top right corner of the MLBB Main Lobby. After then, check the Weekly Diamond Pass option. The first box you see should be noticed since it will renew your membership and deduct money from your account automatically.

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