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How to Upload Custom Images in NBA 2K23


How to Upload Custom Images in NBA 2K23: You could think that the team logos in NBA 2K23 are a tad uninspired and unimpressive. Even if you already have a team design prepared, you might not know how to upload and utilize it in NBA 2K23. As 2K introduces a simple custom club crest upload to outfit and flaunts your basketball squad.

On September 9th, 2022, NBA 2K23, the most recent game in the NBA franchise, was published on a variety of devices. Such as the Xbox series X/S/One, PS4/5, Nintendo Switch, and the most essential platform, Microsoft Windows.

Basketball simulation game created by Available To Show and released by no other than 2K. This game, which is part of their popular NBA 2K Franchise, has enhanced gameplay, graphics, and content this year.

The new 2K23 will provide you the choice to utilize a club crest or a custom-designed symbol for your basketball team, much like the past NBA games. As a result, you must perform several procedures before uploading the custom-designed logo to the NBA 2K servers.As a consequence, this post will demonstrate how to create a distinctive team logo for NBA 2K23.

NBA 2K23 custom team Image upload instructions:

Custom Images in NBA 2K23
Upload Custom Images in NBA 2K23

Therefore, in NBA 2K23, utilize the RB/R1 key to access the MyTeam menu before creating a Custom Team Logo. Once there, scroll down until you find a tab with a graphic logo in the Franchise area. To begin, click on it.

In NBA 2K23, you may select a logo design from a variety of presets or create your own logo.

You must upload a logo from the 2K NBA Website in order to do so. You must have a valid 2K account and have connected your Xbox Gamer Id or PSN ID to the account.

After downloading and installing the program, gamers only need to access it and connect in with their various gaming accounts. They may use their PSN, Steam, Microsoft, or Nintendo ID passwords and accounts to log in. When you log in, the option to upload facial scans will appear on the main page.

NBA 2K23:

Gamers may then employ these players in various game types. They can form groups and compete against other people online in one of the several multiplayer game styles. One feature that has consistently piqued the interest of fans is the ability to submit face scans. This enables gamers to utilize their own features for the characters they design.

If you’ve played WWE 2K22, the procedure is the same for you because 2K uses the same procedure for all of their video game brands, whether they’re sports or wrestling-related. Here is the URL where you may upload your own team’s logo for NBA 2K23.

With regard to particular player qualities and MyPlayer, NBA 2K23 offers players an unmatched amount of personalization.

Players must download the MyNBA2K23 companion app, which is available for Apple and Android smartphones, in order to upload facial scans.

Keep in mind that the game may not display the uploaded customized logos for the same amount of time.

Please let us know in the comments area below if you feel that this advice has been helpful. Additionally, keep an eye on Frondtech for additional NBA 2K23 instructions. Good fortune!

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