How to Upload Custom Images in NBA 2K22

Uploading your custom images in NBA 2K22: So lots of people have the demand that they want to upload their custom images in NBA 2K22. Like uploading pictures to your team, to your league pro-am all those types of games modes. So in this article, I will be telling you guys that how you can upload your custom images in NBA 2K22. I will also tell you guys that how you can do accurate sizing to your image in NBA 2K22. And then turn it into a PNG file to remove the background. so let’s just jump into that.

G on NBA2K uploader

So first of all then you need to just search up 2K image uploader. And click on the one that says NBA2k. I know the link doesn’t look right but for some reason, this one actually brings you to the correct page. So what’s you can do there you can’t just type that. You actually have to type the image uploader in your search bar. Then you will see once I click on that it will bring you to this and you literally just have to click the top one it says upload image to NBA 2K22. You just have to click on that you can sign in whatever you are playing on. Anyways once you have done that it will bring you on to the same page. Almost it looks pretty similar.

Sizing of different pictures

You will see that team logo arena logo and scores table. It says the sizing underneath. So for the team logo, it needs to be one on one which is square for the arena logo it needs to be two to one so it’s double as wide as it is high. And for these scores table, it is four to one. So I am telling you how to get all the sizing and then turn them into a png file after that.

From where to upload

So when you are selecting it you all you have to do is click on it and click photo library or you can take a photo or video on the spot browse does not really work. Kind of just brings you to this page right there. It says things like your I cloud or drive. So you want to go with a picture on spot. If that you want. Or you can use a photo from your photo library.

Upload Custom Images in NBA 2K22
Upload Custom Images in NBA 2K22

Download eraser pic or something like that

Okay, then you can download an app named eraser pic. And just open it when it’s done. Once you are in the app you want to click on cut out and click on the image you want to upload. Then you just need to cut out that and upload that. it is that much easy as you can have tea really.

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