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Joy Mobile Legends R35 – New Hero Joy


Joy Mobile Legends r35: She is one of the game’s more distinctive characters, since her skill set entails dancing to the rhythm to deliver the most damage to adversaries.

She’s a difficult to master yet rewarding hero if you’re ready for the task. For those wishing to learn how to play the new assassin hero, here is a quick breakdown of her talents, suggested emblem, combat spells, ideal builds, and efficient combinations.

Joy becomes enraged for four seconds after her talent delivers damage to a non-minion adversary, during which time she obtains 100% additional Movement Speed and 16% Damage Reduction. Joy sprints in the direction of her choice, causing magical damage to opponents in her route.

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joy mobile legends r35
joy mobile legends r35

Hitting an enemy or the Leonin Crystal from Look, Leonin Crystal! causes Joy to enter Beat Time! for one second, during which she is immune to control effects and can cast this skill again. Joy then removes all control effects on her and releases the stored energy, gaining 30% extra Movement speed and slow immunity for four seconds and dealing magic damage to nearby enemies multiple times.

Tips and tricks for Joy Mobile Legends r35:

Execute is the way to go if you’re playing Joy in the EXP lane or midlane because she doesn’t deliver much damage in the early to mid game. You’ll also need to look for kills, because she benefits from getting her first two core items as soon as possible.

Because she can be used in the jungle, Retribution is another effective fighting spell for her. Upgrade it to Ice Retribution for the opponent heroes’ movement speed debuff, which works nicely with her mobility skills. It may also be used as a means of escape if you fail to hit your second skill.

Because Joy’s abilities scale with magic damage, the mage symbol tree is suggested. Choose the Magic Worship talent to earn burn damage every three times you cast a skill on a target.

Because all of her talents have minimal cooldowns, it will be simple to proc the talent’s effect. Building offensive equipment such as Genius Wand and Glowing Wand initially as an assassin is critical in the early game. Concentrated energy or Holy Crystal are other viable options if you have harvested enough gold in the first 10 minutes.

Easy combos to learn:

Hide behind a bush during the laning phase and cast your first skill on the adversary whenever they come close. Cast Meow, Rhythm of Joy! five times before triggering your Execute combat spell after the target has been slowed. Once you reach level four, make sure to time all of your second talents to the rhythm so that your ultimate, Ha, Electrifying Beats!, deals the most damage.

You may also catch your adversaries off guard by hiding a Leonin Crystal under a bush and race towards it to start the minigame. You can rush again, this time towards an enemy hero, because you’ll have an additional dash after reaching the crystal.

You’ll just need four more dashes to unleash the ultimate, which will surprise adversaries who haven’t witnessed the initial dash within the bush. When playing Joy, it’s critical to turn up the volume since this is the best method to time your dashes to the beat without having to continually look at the indication below the screen.

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