How to Counter Novaria Mobile Legends

How to Counter Novaria:  The best way to combat Novaria in Mobile Legends, a follow-up is in this article. Finding heroes that can defeat those on behalf of the other team is one way to win a game. Also crucial is the way an item is build to counter.

How to Counter Novaria?

At many points during the game, these picks are effective against Novaria. Champion matches against Novaria are order by highest win percentage. Lolita, Yu Zhong, Natalia, and Harley are the ideal heroes in the fight against Novaria. With the Guardian’s Bulwark, Lolita can restrict all arriving ranged fireballs and basic attacks that come from the opposite direction of Novaria.

How to Counter Novaria
How to Counter Novaria

Use Yu Zhong, Natalia, Harley, or other heroes with great mobility. Also, with extremely high output, and huge CC to counter any flimsy hero. These heroes are the ideal counter picks against Novaria because they can defeat her with ease thanks to their skills and abilities. In team fights, it is vital to expand out and prevent clustering together. Novaria’s ultimate ability has the potential to deal significant damage to numerous targets.

Items to Counter Novaria

Users can use these items to combat Novaria. The Athena Shield, Radiant Armour, Oracle, and Cursed Helmet are the best weapons against Novaria. These magical defensive system gear pieces can lessen the impact of Novaria’s magical assaults. Additionally, to use items like the Bloodlust Axe or Necklace of Durance, which boost your health and healing re – growth, can help you survive longer in fights with Novaria.

  • When receiving magic injury, Athena Shield may activate for five seconds, reduces magic harm received by 25%. (Including the magic damage that triggers this effect). When one receives magic damage, radiant Armour raises one’s own magic damage drop by 3 to 10 (scales with level), which can last for 3 seconds, and loading up to 6 times. In addition, each stack of this shield can be stacked up to six times, giving the user a total shield that could equal 30% of their maximum health.
  • Oracle: Increase HP regeneration and shield absorption by 30% for five seconds. Oracle is a useful tool in team battles and brawls. These impacts can be strengthened by utilising additional skills and equipment. All the more useful in battle, Oracle’s final ability has the added abilities to remove debuffs and temporarily render allies resistant to arriving damage.
  • Cursed Helmet: Attacks nearby foes with magic harm equivalent to 1.5% of the hero’s highest HP per second. When applied to minions, this injury is 100% more potent. The opponent heroes can suffer terrible magic damage from the cursed helmet, particularly if they’re currently weak. It is an effective tool for trying to clear out waves of minions and creeps and trying to push roads.


Heroes with such a handful of CC and great mobility should avoid Novaria. Novaria can pass through barriers. You have to stun her and deal immediate damage whenever she moves. If your health will shortly expire, you must immediately return because Novaria’s strike range is quite large.

To destroy Novaria, work along with your jungle. Kill Novaria first; her skill to stun multiple opponents simultaneously makes her useful in team battles. Watch out for her ultimate attack, which has the power to massively impact nearby enemies and strike them up. Novaria can be vanquished, and your squad can win if cooperation and strategic plan are used with care.

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