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Harmonic Resonance Destiny 2 – Testing the new Raid Origin Trait


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Harmonic Resonance Destiny 2
Harmonic Resonance Destiny 2

Resonant Elements will no longer be necessary for weapon construction with the release of Lightfall, according to the Destiny 2 designer, who made the announcement in the most recent episode of “This Week At Bungie.” They would be replaced by Glimmer, Enhancement Core, or other sorts of in-game money that already exist.

Harmonic Resonance Destiny 2

But until the end of Year 6, Ascendant Alloy will be available. Resonant alloys and harmonic alloys will eventually stop being used to make weapons, therefore players should expect this. Additionally, Bungie will completely discontinue the Deepsight attunement goals, which are currently employed to advance weapon patterns, unlock new weapon patterns, and gather neutral materials. It’s unclear if a new procedure will take the place of attunement.

Making weapons will be easier with these changes than it is now. Moulding a new weapon now requires four more resources in addition to the weapon template. Because the bulk of those requirements are only required while manufacturing weapons, they are tough to grind and useless if you do not intend to manufacture or change any weapons. If the game’s fundamental economics is linked into weapon manufacture, it will be simpler to manage the confusion of accumulating many different resources.

The Festival of the Lost armour competition winners for each class were also made public by Bungie. Hunters and Titans will be wearing Spider suits, while Warlocks will be wearing their Beetle armour when they invade the planet. Radiant Cliffs, according to Bungie, will be the next Destiny 2 competitive PvP map where Guardians may demonstrate their true power as well as the outcomes of the Trials of Osiris voting.

Harmonic Resonance

It makes sense given that it is a raid weapon, but you know Bungie. Anyway, as you can see, I’m holding the raid shotgun, I’m equipped with Finality, the raid shotgun. And the raid grenade launcher. And I’m gaining the required two stacks of Harmonic Resonance.

That’s an interesting detail. But I still wish this origin feature wasn’t equivalent to having no origin characteristic when you just have one weapon.

That’s great. I wish the raid provided an energy primary. As it is, if you want to do this, you have to run double shotgun or shotty and trace. I realise traces are just special ammunition primary, but I’d want a scout or something to pair with it. So be it.

There is no need to fear because Resonant and Harmonic Alloys will still be functional when the expansion is released. Use them now while you can because they will both be updated somewhere in Year 6. It can occur a month from now or even later. For the time being, Ascendant Alloys will remain untouched.

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