Destiny 2 X Playstation Armor Set Collab Warlocks Ghost of Tsushima-Themed Armor

PlPlaystation x Destiny 2 Armor Set Collab Complete Details: Season of the Deep will include a Destiny 2 x PlayStation armour collaboration with armour lookalikes of numerous PlayStation mascots.

The Destiny 2 x PlayStation collaboration has resulted in Guardians who resemble characters from God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Ghost of Tsushima. Season of the Deep is a Destiny 2 PlayStation collaboration that contains armour inspired by the major protagonists from God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Ghost of Tsushima. Is the Destiny 2 x PlayStation Season of the Deep collaboration exclusive to PlayStation users?

Bungie revealed in a surprise update that a Destiny 2 x PlayStation collaboration involving well-known PlayStation IPs will be released alongside Season of the Deep. And, if you’re wondering if the Destiny 2 x PlayStation armour ornaments are specific to the PlayStation, check out the guide I made on Attack of the Fanboy.

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playstation x destiny 2 collab
playstation x destiny 2 collab

Titans will receive armour resembling Kratos from God of War, Hunters will receive armour resembling Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, while Warlocks will receive armour resembling Jin Sakai from Ghost of Tsushima. These are perhaps PlayStation’s most popular mascots right now, so their debut in Destiny 2 is a real pleasure. There is also a Ghost with Cordyceps fungus growing on it, similar to an infected character from The Last of Us. All of these PlayStation armour sets and Ghost Shells are quite stunning.

Where can I buy the Destiny 2 x PlayStation armour?

You may obtain any of these Destiny 2 x PlayStation armour sets or the Ghost Shell by purchasing the full set for 2,000 Silver or by purchasing each armour piece individually using Bright Dust. During Season of the Deep, the PlayStation armour sets will only be available for Bright Dust on a weekly basis.

Also, we don’t sure which armour piece will be accessible during which week, so come back after each weekly reset to see whether a PlayStation armour piece is available for Bright Dust. Remember that you may only purchase the PlayStation armour set that corresponds to your class. Furthermore, each armour component will most likely cost between 200 and 500 Bright Dust. Hopefully, you get your Destiny 2 x PlayStation armour!

If Destiny 2 does not make it to the big screen, there have been rumours that Destiny 3 will be released soon. Bungie may set even higher goals for Destiny 3 with Sony’s support. But all of that is uncertain. For the time being, be assured that you will be able to obtain the Destiny 2 x PlayStation collab armour regardless of your platform.

Can PS5 and Xbox play Destiny 2 together?

This implies that Xbox, PlayStation, and PC may all interact with one another in PvP or PvE activity. If you wish to face a difficult raid with your friends, there are no rules on who may and cannot join a Fireteam. Is Destiny 2 available on PS4 and PS5? Destiny 2 is available on PlayStation systems.

There are no restrictions that prevent gamers from joining together. Because the PS4 and PS5 are the same systems but from separate generations, crossplay is very much possible. Is there cross-play in Destiny 2? Crossplay is enabled in Destiny 2 and has been since late 2021. That means you can play the free PC game with your pals regardless of the platform they use.

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