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Ragnarok Origin Paladin Skill Tree Build


Ragnarok Origin Paladin Skill Tree: Everyone has a friend or acquaintance who enjoys using the tanky warrior class in every role-playing game they come across. The flexible Swordsman from Ragnarok Origin can grow into both a tanky frontman and a fast. A powerful warrior is a character to play when playing that game.

It would be a lot of fun if you upgraded your career so that your Swordsman could become a strong Paladin. The ideal skill build for a paladin will be demonstrated in this article. Along with our justifications. Continue reading to learn all about the potential of a Paladin.

Ragnarok Origin Paladin Skill Tree
Ragnarok Origin Paladin Skill Tree

You must prioritise STR and INT with a greater emphasis on STR when it comes to attribute building for this build. Our build will be focused on blunt force as well as some powerful spells. And the two-handed spear will be the weapon of choice. The entire plan fails if you don’t utilise the spear because it is intricately linked to some of the spells of the setup.

Attack Ragnarok Origin Paladin:

While the STR stat boosts your melee and ranged physical attacks. Maximum inventory space, and FLEE, the INT stat offers you more magic destruction, and more spell points (SP). And a larger spell point pool.

Level 5. Bash, deals a single target 220% + 100 neutral bodily harm and boosts skill accuracy by 8. The recovery time for this skill is shortened when your ASPD improves.
Increase Recuperative Capacity (level 10). With the help of this passive ability, you can recover 50% of your HP plus 1% of your maximum HP every 10 seconds. Additionally. When you utilise HP Restoring items. Your healing effects are increased by 30%. It is one of the initial abilities that gradually transforms you into an unkillable beast.

Magnum Break (level 10): A potent attack that does 250% + 100 Fire Bodily Damage and can knock back up to 10 foes nearby. A 28-skill accuracy bonus is also yours.
Provoke (level 10) is an excellent taunt skill for defending teammates. You dive in and challenge any creatures nearby to attack you. They will have a 15% damage increase. But a 37% defence reduction makes them more susceptible to your DPS teammates. Although the ability only lasts for three seconds. It will enhance your hatred of the taunted enemies by 250% for seven seconds.

Ragnarok Origin Paladin Skill Tree Rewards

Endure (level 5): When activated. The Endure status gives you +5 Magic Defence for 22 seconds and an invincible attitude while you’re being attacked. For more potent monster eradication, mix it with Provoke.
A passive ability that allows you to ride Grand Peco and raises your weight cap by 1000. Excellent enhancement for a person who will be handling heavy equipment.

Faith (level 10): Faith provides you with a shield that protects you from holy damage and raises your maximum health by 3000.

Grand Cross Ragnarok Origin Paladin Skill Tree

Demon Bane (level 10): This passive skill gives your bodily attack and physical defence a 20 per cent improvement. When you’re up against Demons and Undead. That benefit is also increased to 50 for both attack and defence.

Level Reach Ragnarok Origin Paladin Skill Tree

One of your main building blocks is Holy Cross. It has a 30% chance to provide the adversary under assault the Darkness condition and does 380% Holy Physical Damage when utilised. We advise you to manufacture a two-handed spear as soon as you can since the damage is increased if you have one equipped. This build’s power is in its combination.
Level 10 Spear Mastery increases the strength of your power by 40 when you’re on foot or by 10 when you’re mounted.

Calls forth a huge cross that does Holy Damage in an AoE to up to 10 foes. This spell’s damage is based on a percentage of your maximum HP in addition to physical and magical attacks. Therefore, if you wish to maximise the potential of this spell. Adjust your stat selections to favour VIT.

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