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Lord Knight Spiral Pierce Build- Ragnarok Origin Global


Lord Knight Spiral Pierce Build- Ragnarok Origin Global: When creating a Lord Knight, many Ragnarok Eternal Love players become confused.

This led to a commonly asked query on forums, YouTube comment sections, and in-game chat. Bash type and Pierce type are currently the most popular builds for Lord Knight. Because these two game types—fast item grinding, taking out the MVP, Endless Tower (ET), and PvP—are much more enjoyable to play in any situation. The writer will discuss the two Lord Knight builds to aid with your decision. Please check out the story, people!

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Lord Knight Spiral Pierce Build- Ragnarok Origin Global
Lord Knight Spiral Pierce Build- Ragnarok Origin Global

You must consider talent, status, and rune in order to become a Lord Knight of the Bash kind. For those who wished to grind quickly while only utilising one talent, this Lord Knight is fantastic. Furthermore, because some stat points are given to VIT, Bash type Lord Knights have a tonne of health. You must allocate some stats to INT in order to have enough SP.

Lord Knight Spiral Pierce Build:

The weapon and the rune are what set the two apart. Here are the considerations when creating a Lord Knight in the Pierce style. The difference between the two is the weapon and the rune.

  • Weapon: Halberd, Ivory Lance, and Saint Spear;
  • Off-hands: Rose Bracer;
  • Armor: All of Aebecee armors, to increase elemental resistance;
  • Garment: Alice Cape;
  • Footgears: Shoes;
  • Accessory: Flower Ring tier 3 x2;
  • Headwear: Cat Beret;
  • Face: Goblin Leader Mask;
  • Mouth: Spiked Scarf;
  • Back: Gh Wing;
  • Tail: Marchosias Tail.

When creating a Pierce-style Lord Knight, consider the following: One of Ragnarok Origin’s top physical DPS classes is the thief. You know, his strongest skills go beyond those of the Swordsman and Archer classes! It is advised against using the Thief class while starting out because of how challenging it is to use.

The best spear (one-handed; 420 weight) for spiral piercing is the hunting spear, but recent improvements in kRO reveal that a heavier spear will topple it Archers. Archer is the next-best Ragnarok Origin job suggestion.

Whereas this job offers a wide range and interesting skills for you to use. Due to his high DPS, Archer is able to effectively dispatch enemies at a distance. Although the Two Handed Sword offers cheaper single target levelling with Two Hand Quicken, the Spear is still a good weapon and generally a good choice for a Knight and their future classes to use.

Which class in Ragnarok has the greatest DPS?

In addition, the opportunist class is one of the top physical DPS in the game, easily outperforming the Swordsman and even the Archer classes under the correct circumstances. Since thieves deal the most damage when given the freedom to attack an opponent’s weak points, they can be quite challenging to use, especially when playing solo. Rebel and Ranger are, in my Opinion, the two best Beginning Classes.

To Start off with Rebel, you don’t need much in the way of Equipment to deal a lot of damage. To do a lot of damage as a ranger, you must have at least a good bow and the whole WW Set. Simply try out both classes, is my advice. However, you can further increase damage by making your weapon heavier (upgrades still count!

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