Ragnarok Origin Poring Location Geffen Guide

Ragnarok Origin Poring Location Geffen Guide: There are many mysterious creatures in the enormous universe of Ragnarok Origin (ROO). But few seem more hidden than the cute Poring. These bouncing animals come in a variety of shapes and are dispersing throughout the game’s several areas. Some of them, you’ve probably already wiped off in the early going.

Ragnarok Origin Poring Location Geffen
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Ragnarok Origin Poring Location Geffen

There are 15 different poring locations in the Geffen area, they are listed below:

Poring 1: At the right hand corner of Geffen, at two o’clock, is a Bread Merchant. Right ahead of her shop, on the ground, is a Donut that may be interacting with to expose the Poring.

Poring 2- There is a Bunny Poring at this region at the far right of Geffen (12 o’clock), next to the four NPCs. Speak with Poring to activate.

Poring 3 – A black footstep is heard on the concrete floor near the Bard NPC and a chair made of wood at its bottom side of Geffen (six o’clock). To see the Poring, simply follow the footstep by footstep.

Ragnarok Origin Poring Location Geffen: Eastern, Northern & Western

Poring 4 – A Poring is mixing up with other demons at the bottom end of Eastern Geffen at six o’clock. Activate by speaking with Poring.

Poring 5 – Look for and snap a picture of the hidden Ghost Poring at the upper-right portion of Northern Geffen at 1 o’clock.

Poring 6 – Around the northeastern corner of Western Geffen, around one o’clock, you’ll find a bridge that connects a small island and an iron swing with a Poring motif. A Bunny Poring should be present; speak with it to activate.

Poring 7 – In the exact middle of Western Geffen, beside a gliding rock with a mushroom-shaped shade structure and a few telescopes, is where you’ll discover a secret Ghost Poring. To capture the Poring, take a picture.

Ragnarok Origin Poring Location Geffen: Field, Forest & Garden

Geffen Field’s Poring 8 located in the grass in the right-hand corner of the stadium around 4 o’clock. Speak to it to launch.

Poring 9 – You must locate the elusive Ghost Poring and snap a picture of it in the heart of the Goblin Forest, next to a tree and a small body of water.

Poring 10 – At 10 o’clock, at the upper left side of Goblin Forest, there is a black trace on the grass. Simply follow these footsteps by step until you see the Poring.

Poring 11 – There is a black trace in the grass at the bottom left side of Goblin Forest (7 o’clock). Simply follow each one until you reach the Poring.

Location of Poring 12 – In the heart of the Garden, you must locate and photograph a hidden ghost poring.

Poring 13 – Right in the middle of Orc Village, on the bridge, is a Ghost Poring that has been photographing in order to activate.

Poring 14 – You may discover a telescope and a shade mushroom construction close to the forest’s centre. You must use these items to locate the secret Ghost Poring and snap a picture of it.

Poring 15 (Geffen) – Return to Geffen and locate the sign board in the top right side of Geffen (1 o’clock). There is a sparkling gold rock in front of the sign board. This stone must be interacting with in order to start the Task Force quest. You must accomplish this task, Cutie, and the last task will reveal the location of the Hidden Poring.

When you complete Task Force’s final quest, go to the bottom right edge of Geffen (7 o’clock), which is close to the flower shop. There is a brown bag there; interact with it to reveal a poring.

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