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FREE Cold Blooded Ace Fortnite Skin – Get Now


FREE Cold Blooded Ace Skin: Presently in the game, the Gold Blooded Ace skin is a freebie. It was made available as part of the Most Wanted event and is accessible after overcoming particular tasks.

There are a lot of players who wish to acquire the skin right now because it looks fantastic. The skin can’t be unlocked right away because you need to accumulate 48,000 Infamy first.

It’s easy to early earn the Minecraft skin for the Gold Blooded Ace, which is wonderful news. Everything you must accomplish in order to unlock the free skin early will be covered in this guide.

FREE Cold Blooded Ace Skin
FREE Cold Blooded Ace Skin

Just during the Most Wanted event, the free Fortnite skin is accessible. On February 14th, the v23.40 update was made available, marking the start of the event. The skin can be unlocked for two weeks, starting on February 14 and running until February 28.

You must finish roughly 50 tasks to obtain the Gold Blooded Ace skin for free, as each one awards approximately 1,000 Infamy on average. The good news is that you can access it right away without needing to fulfill any obstacles. In this manner:

FREE Cold Blooded Ace Skin:

Visit the second tab in the main menu, Most Wanted, to unlock the Gold Blooded Ace Fortnite skin early.  can view all the pertinent details about the event there, so head over there.

You can see how close you are to obtaining the free Fortnite skin at the bottom of the screen. You can use V-Bucks to get it sooner if you are not quite ready to unlock it.

While Most Wanted gifts were given out for free by Epic Games, you had to play Fortnite Battle Royale and accomplish specific tasks to unlock them. But, if you have a lot of V-Bucks, you can use this currency to acquire these complimentary cosmetics.

FREE Cold Blooded Ace:

To achieve this, select the desired number of awards by clicking the Purchase Rewards button on the Most Wanted event tab’s bottom right corner.

The Gold Blooded Ace and all other Most Wanted levels cost 150 V-Bucks each, for a total purchase price of 1,800 V-Bucks. You can buy this coin to get 11 additional cosmetic items in addition to the free skin.

Remember that the Gold Blooded Ace Fortnite skin might be made available in the Item Shop in the future. You can also acquire Infamy by completing a few tasks. You can save 150 V-Bucks for each Most Wanted level, for a total savings of 450 V-Bucks if you achieve 12,000 Infamy.

FREE Cold Blooded:

In addition to bringing back well-known weaponry to the island. Fortnite Patch 23.40 also added a brand-new activity called Most Wanted. Get access to a tonne of free cosmetics. Including the Golden Blooded Ace costume. By being the island’s most sought player.

You must finish the “Most Wanted” quests to raise your level of daring and earn the in-game rewards if you wish to be one of the island’s most wanted gamers. For instance. You can accomplish this by disabling enemies and opening safes.

You will become more hostile from the cold-blooded members as soon as your desired level rises, you will become more apparent to other players on the mini-map. And your adversaries will find it simpler to locate you in your immediate area.

Cold-Blooded Ace Skin:

There are five portions to the “Most Wanted” quests, which become accessible over time. You will be able to move on to the next section of the quest and get a Cold-Blooded Medallion by finishing the bulk of the missions in one section.

To unlock the upgradeable Solid Skull back bling, gather five Cold-Blooded Medallions. The accompanying Solid Skull tasks must be completed in order to further evolve the back item after it has been unlocked.

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