Axion Sentinel Level Up Quest Fortnite-Complete Details

Axion Sentinel Level-Up Quest Fortnite: It’s now possible to purchase Axion Sentinel’s Level Up Quest Pack from the Item Shop for Battle Royale Chapter 4 Season 1! With Level Up Quest Packs, you can purchase a new Outfit when you buy the Pack, and then you can finish quests to gain up to 28 degrees and cosmetic goodies even before season is through.
A brand-new Outfit becomes available the moment you buy a Level Up Quest Pack. The attire do you have access to through the Level-Up Quest Pack for Axion Sentinel.

Axion Sentinel Level Up Quest Fortnite-Complete Details
Axion Sentinel Level Up Quest Fortnite-Complete Details

Axion Sentinel Level Up Quest Fortnite:

There are 28 whole levels and quests for cosmetics.

With the exception of Week 1, which has 14 Level Up Quests, this Level Up Quest Bundle has seven brand-new Level Up Quests issued each week for three weeks in a row.

There are a total of 28 quests in the Level Up Quest Bundle.

The Level Up Quests are accessible to finish following their release until the conclusion of the current Season. (Depending on the week you buy the Pack, there may or may not be a certain number of quests available at that moment. But, regardless of when you buy it, you’ll have all 28 quests by week three.)

Axion Sentinel Level-Up Quest:

Level-Up Quests can be found in their own section on the “Quests” website. The “Axion Sentinel” category will contain quests from Axion Sentinel’s Level Up Quest Pack.
Level Up Quest Packs can be purchased for V-Bucks in the item shop. For 1,200 V-Bucks, you may purchase the Level Up Quest Pack for Axion Sentinel. And a Level Up Quest Pack can be given as a present to a buddy, absolutely!

Return Requests cannot be used with Level Up Quest Packs.  Don’t be concerned about “missing” a category quest if you’re just a few XP short of reaching the next level. Consider that you are currently at Level 89 and are just 15,000 XP from Degree 90. You won’t reach Level 90 with a full XP bar away from Level 91 if you finish a level-up quest. As opposed to that, you will be 15,000 XP away from Level 91 at Level 90.

Axion Sentinel Level-Up Quest Fortnite:

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 has taken a page out of the previous chapter’s book by providing a bundle with 28 Level Up Tokens and a tonne of cosmetics. The Axion Sentinel Level Quest Pack is a collection that allows players who find all of its weekly sets of tokens to get a Back Bling, Pickaxe, and even an alternative Charged style for the Axion Sentinel skin. The locations of each Level Up Toke in the quest pack for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 are broke out in this guide.

The bottom-right portion of the map, primarily outside the Faulty Splits POI, is where all of the Axion Sentinel tokens for the Week 1 set to spawn. Below, you can see where to pick up Week 1 Level Up Tokens in the appropriate order.

Axion Sentinel Level-Up Quest Fortnite:

Location of the first Level Up Token: To the south of Faulty Splits. At the summit of a mountain is where you’ll find the first Level Up Token.
The second level-up token should then show up adjacent to a zipline at the mountain’s highest point.
3rd Location for the Level Up Token is the south side of the mountain. Where you can then descend and discover the token close to a bike ramp.
Level Up Token No. 4: East of the mountain. Within the metal Cuddle Team Leader head is where you may find the fourth token.
Token Number 5: To the north of the head of the Cuddle Team Leader. On top of a hill is where you’ll find the fifth token.

At the Brutal Bastion POI on the north side of the map, the second stage of the Axion Sentinel missions is located. 

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