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Mobile Legends KOF Event Phase 3 Release date, Rewards and More


Mobile Legends KOF Event Phase 3: Unquestionably, one of the biggest and most well-liked partnerships in MLBB history is Mobile Legends x King of Fighters. 

Players now have a second chance to obtain all of these incredibly rare King of Fighters skins, which include those of Chou as Iori Yagami, Karina as Leona, Guinevere as Athena Asamiya, Dyrroth as Orochi Chris, Aurora as Kula Diamond, and of course, Gusion as K’!

With the help of the King of Fighters Bingo event, the KOF series skins make a brief comeback. For free, pre-order between May 22 and May 29 to enter to win KOF skins. To get a Bingo and win a KOF skin, complete a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line.

Players will have the opportunity to win the guaranteed Karina “Leona” skin for the first 10 draws. It will then be instantly changed into a random epic limited skin if they already own it.

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Mobile Legends KOF Event Phase 3

Additionally, an epic limited skin will be guaranteed every tenth draw. 30% off will also be given to the first 10 consecutive draws. Each day’s initial draw will also be discounted by 50% for participants. Therefore, if you’re a huge King of Fighters fan.

Mobile Legends Pola KOF Event 2024 Phase 3:

Any update that keeps growing will undoubtedly reach you, particularly for events that have occurred in the Mobile Legends game. To get the most of new game improvements, it’s critical to stay informed about them.

It does seem good and intriguing for us to employ when we look at some of the current Mobile Legends Squad Skin Collection. Because each Squad has a distinct group Skin Effect that serves a distinctive purpose, each Squad also has its own Lore.

Players of Mobile Legends can start learning the MLBB KOF Pattern right now. You can actually understand what it takes to be able to win prizes from the KOF by learning such codes, after all.

You can complete the top-up event to get access to the lower gacha tickets for the first phase of the KOF 2024 event, which starts on January 28th, 2024. The pattern for the KOF Bingo 2024 event is as stated above. I hope this information is useful and wish you luck.

You can actually understand all of this right away using KOF Bingo Bingo, which is very well-liked for us to know. So that those of you who draw later won’t encounter any issues, we’re going to use it straight immediately. We will therefore understand this right away, and you won’t be confused about how to execute the KOF Draw Pattern. Giving makes you more prepared to get this lovely skin later.

KOF Mobile Legends Skin:

Now that we are familiar with the MLBB 2024 KOF Bingo Pattern, we can draw more easily. We may choose the skin we want right away, even though it’s at random, especially for the start of this new event. Wearing the KOF Mobile Legends Skin will strengthen us because of its excellent appearance. Due to the animation effects and motions, gamers also much enjoy the original collaborative skin.

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