Tower Of Fantasy Fenrir Banner Clues Leaks

Tower Of Fantasy Fenrir Banner Clues: For every version upgrade, Tower of Fantasy frequently releases fresh Simulacrum banners, especially on global servers. Hotta Studio has been making sure that the Global version is kept at a faster speed to closely catch up with the CN version. Because CN servers are quite ahead in terms of material and banners. Here is a general schedule of the SSR characters banners that are anticipated to be published in upcoming Tower of Fantasy version releases. Be aware that the timeline banner is only pure speculation based on the CN banner timeline and common speculations spread across the community. It is not at all accurate.

Lin’s Simulacrum banner is currently in operation and has just been issued on November 22nd, 2022. Tower of Fantasy is currently in its 2.1 Version. She will raise her banner. Followed by the liberation of Lyra and Tian Lang. The advertising teases of the version update and the data-mined content have made their banner appear more or less confirmed even though it is based on guesswork.

Tower Of Fantasy Fenrir Banner Clues
Tower Of Fantasy Fenrir Banner Clues

A clone like the others, Lyra is one. She is the last person still alive who hasn’t rebelled against the rules and broken free of her chains. She presents as cool and distant from others, not even when she was destroying her other clones, and she doesn’t seem to be feeling anything. The primary objective of Lyra is physical support. Is to offer to heal.

Fenrir Banner Clues:

Annabella works as a cheerful maid at a café during the day. Serving clients, and at night, she fights crime as a vigilante. She is infinitely dualistic. While fighting in the streets of Mirrors. She uses a substantial long gun. Flame DPS weapon named Annabella.

In the Mirroria Security Special Forces, Captain Saki Fuwa is Alyss’ immediate superior. She is an overly eager warrior. She is determined to prove herself since she admires Saki Fuwa. The ice DPS weapon is called Alyss.

Umi is ready to disprove everyone with her magic skills as she calls herself an aspiring magician. Despite her outward appearance of vivacity, don’t be fooled by her appearance; she is actually very cunning. A whip is used by Umi, a physical DPS weapon.

Fenrir is a case of a wild youngster who also happens to make Dorothy want to run away and never look back. Even though she may seem calm, when a parent or other adult is not present, she acts exactly like any other young child and let’s loose her wild and mischievous side. A DPS weapon for Volt, Fenrir.

Tower Of Fantasy Fenrir Banner Clues:

Based on the Tower of Fantasy CN Version 2.3 PV, Version 2.4 might have some playable characters. This is just guesswork based on the characters we see in the trailer; it is unknown whether or not these characters may even have flags, but it is based on how they stand out from the other characters. Among the well-known figures highlighted are.

Umi, an SSR tier Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy, will be made available worldwide this year but is only presently available in China. Umi uses a whip that can be doubled in size when combined with the Magic Trick skill and does physical Grievous damage. She also carries the unusual Mobius weapon. Read on to find out more about Umi in Tower of Fantasy, including information on her top skills, resources for talent upgrades, best presents, and the date of the game’s worldwide release.

Umi, a magician from Mirroria, makes the decision to travel to the desert to practice and hone her magic. After being impacted by an aberrant, she appears to go dark and turns her attention to Lin. She may be a villain who will plot to harm Lin, according to the trailer.

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