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How to Get Banana of the Gods Fortnite


How to Get Banana of the Gods Fortnite: 2017 saw the introduction of Fortnite. An online video game and gaming platform Created by Epic Games. It comes with six different game mode Variations, All of which have the same overall gameplay and game Engine: Up to 100 people compete in the free-to-play battle Royal game Fortnite Battle Royale to be the last person Standing.

It’s worthwhile to find the Banana of the Gods in Fortnite. Particularly if you’re in the correct place and want to increase your Chances of either winning a Victory Royale or defeating one of the Olympian Gods that are circling the map. While the powers of the Banana are active, This fruit of the gods in Fortnite will offer you a large leap and speed boost in addition to increasing your HP over a twenty-second Period.

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How to Get Banana of the Gods Fortnite

How to Get Banana of the Gods Fortnite:

Like the Golden Fish that was added back in Fortnite Chapter 2. The Banana of the Gods is Exceedingly hard to find. Not because it needs to be unlocked Through a boss battle or a vault, but just Because its drop rate is extremely Uncommon. Fortunately, the player’s real task is Straightforward enough to perhaps make up for the absurdly low Probabilities.

Players must unlock product crates in Fortnite Chapter 5 in order to find a Banana of the Gods. Yes, it is Correct. To acquire this fabled fruit, one must crack open the brown boxes with green lids scattered throughout the majority of points of Interest. You’re more likely to find a Banana of the Gods than a golden fish Prize because Vegetable boxes are much more prevalent than fishing Holes.

Where in Fortnite can I find the most Produce Boxes?

Although there are produce Boxes almost everywhere on the landscape, we Advise visiting the POIs with the highest likelihood of spawn Locations. The best places to find produce boxes in Fortnite are Reckless Railways and Snooty Steppes, as can seen on the map above. While not quite as Plentiful. Pleasant Piazza and Brawler’s Battleground are also good places to shop for fruit.

The Banana of the Gods is incredibly strong, in contrast to the Golden Fish. Which was merely a joke item that did harm to players it was toss at. Players who consume a Banana will gain the power of the Zeus Medallion for a brief period of time and quickly Recover 100 health. Players can sprint with Greater speed and jump higher thanks to this Effect.

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