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How to Talk to Flaude in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and Complete this Quest?


In this Article you will know how you can finish the “Go to the Old Noble Manor & Talk to Flaude” Quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2. We are unveiling secrets in the Nameless Village. This is a manual on how you can talk to Flaude.

 How to Talk to Flaude in Dragon's Dogma 2 and Complete this Quest?

How to Complete Go to the Old Noble Manor & Tak to Flaude in Dragon’s Dogma 2 Quest?

In your Dragon’s Dogma 2 experience, you’ll be directed by Captain Brant on a series of quests to uncover reality behind the false Sovran. 

One such quest leads you to The Nameless Town, shrouded in mystery. Here is an itemized walkthrough to assist you with finding Flaude and progress through this exciting mission.

Captain Brant points you towards The Nameless Town, accepted to be associated with the false Sovran.

Travel east from Vernworth on the main street. It’s a straightforward excursion. You’ll experience a massive landslide blocking the street after an enormous scaffold. You can definitely relax, there’s a strategy for getting around.

Talk to Flaude in Dragon’s Dogma 2! Know how to?

Take a detour south of the obstructed street and adventure into the Eastern Forest.

A strong Minotaur roams this region. You can either battle it for significant rewards or sidestep it on the off chance that you like.

Whenever you’ve crossed the Eastern Forest, you’ll find the way leading to The Nameless Town clear again.

As you enter the town, ascend the main way until you arrive at a stupendous manor at the top.

Inside the manor, you’ll meet Flaude. While he probably won’t uncover everything immediately, talk to him to gather some clues about the Sovran and the false Arisen.

 How to Talk to Flaude in Dragon's Dogma 2 and Complete this Quest?

Nameless Village Quest! Talk to Flaude in Dragon’s Dogma 2 Check Out Now

There are other villagers you can visit with to look further into the town’s secrets. You could discover it’s really a thieves’ organization headquarters.

Look behind the manor at the top of the slope. You’ll find a secret stepping stool leading down into the earth – this is your subsequent stage.

Descending the stepping stool, you’ll experience a platforming challenge. On the off chance that you’re a sorcerer. You can use “suspend” to bypass this section. Otherwise, ensure you and your Pawns are not over-burden with items for better jumping skill.

Explore the platforms and gaps using running jumps. Make sure to keep an eye out for seesaws that can modify your way.

What are the Other Ways to Talk to Flaude in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

In the wake of conquering the platforming test, you’ll show up at the thieves’ inner sanctum.

Talk to the NPCs here to learn significant information about the false Sovran and the plot to steal the privileged position.

Speak to Srail over and over to be compensated with cutting edge cheat skills for meeting the genuine Hoodlum Maister.

Exit through the rear of the sanctum to find a storage region with useful items. Advance back to the manor and speak to Flaude again. He’ll concede you another significant cheat skill for your accomplishments.


With newly discovered information and skills, get to Vernworth and report once again to Captain Brant at the inn to finish the quest. By following these steps and talk to Flaude. You will gain critical insights into the conspiracy and be exceptional with strong new abilities to face the false Sovran.

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