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Free Fire Lucky Wheel Event! Check Out New Prizes


In this Article we will tell you everything about the Free Fire Lucky Wheel Event. Free Fire’s most recent Lucky Wheel event is here. Players can get a fun method for opening wonderful compensations at limited costs, and even score a few free jewels! Look at the nitty gritty data underneath.

Free Fire Lucky Wheel Event! Check Out New Prizes

Free Fire Lucky Wheel Event! Detailed Guide

The Lucky Wheel highlights two primary twist choices. Free Everyday Twist and Limited Twists. Players can take a shot consistently for an opportunity to win free rewards like acts out, groups, plunder cases, name change cards, or even up to 99 jewels.

After your free twist, use precious stones for extra attempts at altogether diminished rates (50-80% off!). The rebate and cost per turn (somewhere in the range of 9 and 75 jewels) are arbitrary.

The Lucky Wheel’s award pool incorporates different sought after things, similar to the smart Sorcery Fox and Mewo packs, extraordinary firearm cartons, and, surprisingly, costly packages regularly costing many precious stones. 

Well with the Lucky Wheel, you can open these fortunes for a portion of the cost. Acts out are likewise available to all, adding a tomfoolery contact to your interactivity.

What are the Prizes in Free Fire Lucky Wheel Event?

  • Dark White Yowl Pack
  • Pickup Truck – What Chu Yowling At Skin
  • Madness Weapon Plunder Carton
  • Smooth Monster Group
  • MC Funk Pack
  • Gloo Wall – Heavenly messenger with Horns Skin
  • Violet Trepidation Weapon Plunder Box
  • Plunder Box – Washing Ducky

While the Lucky Wheel offers invigorating prizes, it’s a memorable essential.

Free Fire Lucky Wheel Event! Check Out New Prizes

How Difficult is to Win in the Free Fire Lucky Wheel Event?

  • Possibility, not ensure: It isn’t ensured to Win the ideal thing. The wheel highlights different prizes, and karma assumes a critical part in what you land on.
  • Mindful spending: If taking into account precious stones for extra twists, do so warily and acceptable for you. Try not to overspend in your quest for a particular thing.
  • Elective strategies: Recall, you can likewise acquire awards through ongoing interaction, finishing missions, and taking part in events. The Lucky Wheel is only one choice among many.


The Lucky Wheel event is a tomfoolery and connecting approach to secure different in-game treats possibly. Nonetheless, move toward it with a solid outlook, zeroing in on the delight in the game and not exclusively depending on the wheel to advance. 

Keep in mind, dependable spending and vital interactivity are as yet key to outcome in Free Fire.

Thus, survivors, give the Lucky Wheel a twist (or two), test your karma, and see what invigorating prizes look for you in the war zone!. Simply make sure to turn mindfully and keep the adventure of the game at the front of your experience.

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