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How to Easily Complete Rebirth Search for Protorelic Clues Quest?


In this Article you will know how you can complete the search for protorelic clues quest Final. Check Out the Full Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Search For Protorelic Clues Quest Guide.

How to Easily Complete Rebirth Search for Protorelic Clues Quest Guide?

In FF7 Rebirth, players should search for Protorelic Clues to get the Materia Completionist prize by making all materia. In any case, to search for the Protorelic clues, players should go into 7 unique locales and complete 4 peculiarities in every area.

 How to Easily Complete Rebirth Search for Protorelic Clues Quest?

Finishing every one of the four Peculiarities will concede players the Protorelic’s Peculiarities of that specific locale in FF7 Rebirth. Subsequently, the seven locales are Fields, Junon, Corel, Gongaga, Cosmo Gorge, Nibel and Meridian Sea.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Search For Protorelic Clues Field Guide! Check Out

Players should finish four Protorelic’s Peculiarity to acquire the Protorelic of Prairie area in FF7 Rebirth. Besides, players should go to the Peculiarity Intel 1: Waterfront Post and examine the region to search for Protorelic clues.

In the wake of arriving at the objective, Chadley will imply to Cloud about the area of the Protorelic to be some place in his area. In any case, Chadley additionally informs Cloud that the Protorelic isn’t put on display so players should look harder to track down it.

Where to Search for Protorelic Clues Quest in FF7 Rebirth?

  • Treasures In The Beach front Post Door:

The front entryway of the Seaside Post is locked so players should circumvent it to track down a wrecked opening to enter inside. Moreover, in the wake of circumventing the Beach front Post, players can likewise acquire two prudes of sage and pearl ginger close to the opening.

Inside the Waterfront Post, players can find different resources like a piece of smooth oak and a piece of lumber. Furthermore, you can likewise track down barrels and cases inside the door so break them to get a mixture in FF7 Rebirth.

  • Rout The Baits

Players should climb the beach front post pinnacle to arrive at the top by clinging to the yellow poles in the wall. As you arrive at the highest point of the pinnacle, you will experience four scoundrels who have Protorelic clues in their control.

At the point when Beck takes off with the Protorelic, players should overcome the baits to get the Protorelic in FF7 Rebirth. However, when you request the Protorelic clues, the pioneer Beck will differ and say he needs to offer it to the financial specialists.

He will ask his three colleagues to be the distraction while he takes off with the Protorelic sign. In this way, the other move toward settling the Search for Protorelic Clues in FF7 Rebirth is to overcome the imitations.

 How to Easily Complete Rebirth Search for Protorelic Clues Quest?

Rebirth Search for Protorelic Clues Quest! Know Everyplace

  • Protorelic Peculiarity 1: Wild Scoundrel Pursue

After you and your group rout the three imitations, Chadley will inform you that the Protorelic is moving. This implies the pioneer Beck has the Protorelic and he got away from it to another objective.

Be that as it may, this will finish the Peculiarity Intel 1: Wild Criminal Pursue in FF7 Rebirth. Players will get 10 significant pieces of information for the meadows and 5 party EXP after finishing the Wild Outlaw pursue.

  • Complete Protorelic Peculiarity 2 And 3

The players will get new Protorelic geoinformation which will begin the Peculiarity Intel 2: Pipeline The board Facility in FF7 Rebirth. Moreover, players should finish Protorelic Peculiarity 2: One Boss Grill and Protorelic Peculiarity 3: Diversionary Strategies.

To finish the Protorelic Peculiarity 2, players should adopt a subtle strategy and overwhelm outlaws while they’re having a Grill. Then, players should track down a way into the structure and rout the Lure to finish one Boss Grill.


Well by understanding these means, utilizing vital reasoning, and using your in-game assets. You’ll be exceptional to effectively explore the “Search for Protorelic Clues” quest and add to the continuous secret encompassing these antiquated relics in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. 

Thus, fearless champions, leave on your sleuthing mission. Reveal the secret insights, and plan for the difficulties that lie ahead. Thank you for reading this Article.

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