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Chronicled Wish Genshin Impact! Detailed Guide 2024


In this Article we will Discuss the New Flag type Chronicled Wish Genshin Impact and its exciting features. Unexpectedly, Genshin Impact is getting a completely new standard sort in Variant 4.5. Here are the subtleties on how Chronicled Wish Genshin Impact will function, including characters, weapons, and pity framework.

Chronicled Wish Genshin Impact

How New Flag Chronicled Wish Genshin Impact Works?

Chronicled Wish Genshin Impact includes an assortment of 5-star characters as well as weapons. It seems like it could likewise incorporate standard selective 4-star weapons like the Back street series, Lithic series, and so forth.

Wishing on this pennant will require Entwined Destinies, a similar kind of money as the occasion character and weapon standards. Before you start your pulls, you should outline a course for your ideal person or weapon. 

In the event that you pick a person, your 5-star pulls will just comprise of characters. In the event that you pick a weapon, your 5-star pulls will just consist of weapons.

Chronicled Wish will be accessible “now and again,” and included 5-stars might change. Restricted 5-star characters may possibly show up on Chronicled Wish flags when they have had at least three occasion pennants.

Chronicled Wish Genshin Impact

What are the New Features of Chronicled Wish Genshin Impact?

The pity framework for Genshin Impact’s Chronicled Wish has all the earmarks of being equivalent to for the person standards. The 5-star hard pity is at 90 pulls, with 4-star hard pity at 10 pulls.

The 50/50 framework will likewise be in play. This implies that your initial 5-star has a half possibility of being your picked character or weapon. In the event that you lose your 50/50, you will (probably) get a 5-star character or weapon from the standard pool. 

After you lose your 50/50 once, your next 5-star is destined to be the person or weapon you picked. In view of the principles illustrated in the post, regardless of whether you lose your 50/50.

However, you ought to in any case get a 5-star character in the event that you outlined a course for a person. On the other hand, you ought to get a 5-star standard weapon in the event that you graphed a course for a weapon.


Chronicled Wish Genshin Impact denotes a critical step in the right direction for Genshin Impact’s gacha framework. By offering more control and designated open doors, this new pennant framework takes care of both veteran players looking for explicit things and novices meaning to fabricate their fantasy groups. 

As more data about Chronicled Wish opens up, Voyagers can change their procedures and get ready to leave on a more vital and possibly really remunerating wishing experience.

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