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How to Apply Weapon Mods at Mod Bench in Fortnite?


In this Article you will know how you can apply weapon mods at mod bench in Fortnite. Read this guide to know the most effective method to apply Fortnite weapon mods at mod bench locations.

A few weapons can be tweaked with Fortnite weapon mods at mod benches in Fortnite.

 How to Apply Weapon Mods at Mod Bench in Fortnite?

How to Apply Weapon Mods at Mod Bench in Fortnite?

Fortnite weapon mods can be applied to your different firearms to improve their presentation. However you will require a secret mod bench to fit them. 

Fortunately, essentially every weapon in Fortnite currently comes outfitted with at least one mod depending on its unique case, however it tends to be great to change around a mods to streamline a weapon for your playstyle and loadout. 

In any case, it means quite a bit to make reference to the fact that these weapon mod benches aren’t without their concerns and probably won’t merit your time beyond difficulties. 

Notwithstanding, I’ve spread out all you really want to be familiar with Fortnite weapon mods, including a guide showing where to find every one of the mod benches.

Fortnite weapon mods at mod bench! Know where to find it

So, before you can even mod your weapons, you really want to get to one of the five mod benches set apart on the guide above. There’s one at Luxurious Nest, Wild Railroads, Great Glacial mass, Fencing Fields, and Grandiose Steppes. One bench likewise generates on the floating island over the guide as well.

You’ll see that these POIs are additionally where the five Society supervisors hang out, and you must defeat whichever one is nearby to get their emblem with the floating island bench being the main exemption for this. 

Whenever you have the supervisor’s emblem, search for the huge vault entryway nearby. Heads up before it’s too late: a portion of these are difficult to find. However they’re normally at ground level or lower, so ensure you separate walls to find sections and steps that lead down. 

 How to Apply Weapon Mods at Mod Bench in Fortnite?

Apply Weapon Mods at Mod Bench in Fortnite! Complete this Quest

Stand close to the vault scanner and you will open it by having the emblem on you granting you admittance to the vault’s fortunes and the weapon mod bench concealed inside.

Before you begin modding your new Fortnite weapons. we viewed that stealing from the whole room first is undeniably more valuable. Ensure you open the super chest and some other chests and open all the weapon cabinets surrounding the mod bench itself. In a perfect world you need purple-extraordinariness weapons so you need to do as little modding as could really be expected. 

Whenever you’ve stolen from your #1 weapon from whatever you find in the vault, then visit the mod bench to begin making changes as point by point beneath.

Head toward the bench in the vault to begin applying some Fortnite weapon mods. 


Do take note that you could mod weapons that at any point have mod spaces and can’t modify fixed weapons, for example, the mythic-extraordinariness weapons dropped by Society managers. Each mod you apply costs 75 Fortnite Gold Bars to fit on your weapon, and on the off chance that you eliminate a mod or trade for an alternate one, you should pay again to reapply a similar mod.

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