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How to Kill 20 Scout Striders in Helldivers 2?


In this Article you will know how you can find and kill 20 scout striders Helldivers 2. As a matter of fact, overcoming the Scout Striders takes a touch of system. They’re vigorously defensively covered foes, and dissimilar to the trimming tool employing robots with shields. 

No measure of discharge from typical weapons will penetrate the Scout Strider’s front plates. A few missions have tank weapons you can use to send off rockets at a Scout Strider, which will in a split second obliterate them.

 How to Kill 20 Scout Striders in Helldivers 2?

How to Kill 20 Scout Striders Helldivers 2?

In the event that you don’t have an enemy tank firearm, you’ll need to go after it from behind or get imaginative. The Orbital Strike Trick explodes a Scout Strider on influence, and on the off chance that you get the situating right.

However, you can utilize the Combustible Minefield Trick to do exactly the same thing. That technique is somewhat more risky to kill 20 scout striders since you’ll need to draw it into the minefield.

As a last resort, throw a projectile in the overall area behind a Scout Strider, and allow it to finish the work. These foes don’t move rapidly, so they’re less inclined to surpass an explosive than your typical robot.

Co-employable PvE extraction shooter Helldivers 2 highlights various different foe types, large numbers of which you might need to take out to finish explicit difficulties. 

A new test expecting players to take out 20 Scout Striders is one such, and it very well may be giving you a touch of trouble in the event that you’re not excessively knowledgeable about taking on robots.

What are the Other Ways to Kill 20 Scout Striders Helldivers 2?

Let us understand More, The Fundamental Helldivers 2 Settings To Change Prior to Dropping In.

Scout Striders are forcing mechanical foes that look similar to the AT-STs of Star Wars put forth a valiant effort as they have a solid defensive layer to safeguard the pilot. At the point when high in number. They can take care of you, particularly on the off chance that you have low numbers on your side. 

In any case, with the right hardware and information, you can quit moving toward Scout Striders or take them out before they even become an issue.

 How to Kill 20 Scout Striders in Helldivers 2?

Where to track down Scout Striders and how to easily kill scout striders Helldivers 2?

As robots, you’ll find Scout Striders on the planets on the left half of the cosmic system map, themed with a red tone. When on the ground, you’ll frequently detect them in adversary bases. You can also easily kill 20 scout striders in Helldivers 2.

Look out for their unmistakable, AT-ST-like shape and a pilot hanging out behind the front safeguard. Recollect that pilot: Taking them out takes care of Striders. 

  • Planning is Critical: Information is power, Really get to know the Striders’ shortcomings and practice your point on less basic focuses prior to confronting the 20-Strider challenge.
  • Adjust and Survive: No arrangement endures first contact with the adversary. Be prepared to change your system in light of the circumstance and exploit arising potential open doors.
  • Correspondence is Pivotal: Cooperation makes the fantasy work, particularly while confronting various Striders. Coordinate, support one another, and triumph will be yours.


Well with these tips, crafty strategies, and a solid portion of Helldiver soul. You can kill 20 Scout Striders easily. It won’t have a potential for success! Presently go forward and cleanse the xenos rubbish, Helldivers.

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