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Valorant new Agent: Smokedancer & its abilities and release date


You wanna know about VALORANT new agent Smokedancer? We got you. Here is a detailed article on Smokedancer. You will find everything from its release date to its abilities.

Since no information has been passed directly from the developer, this article is written by careful dissection of all leaked data and newly launched trailers.

Valorant new Agent
Valorant new Agent

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Who is going to be Agent 25 Valorant?

According to the leaked info,  Smokedancer is going to be Agent 25 of Valorant.

What is the release date of Smokedancer?

Smokerdancer will be the first new agent to be launched in 2024. It is likely to be released on 6th March 2024 in Episode 8 Act 2 of Valorant.

What would Smokedancer look like?

The Smokedancer in Valorant is expected to appear visually striking and thematically cohesive. Leaks suggest an elaborate, dancer-inspired costume adorned with bright pink accents. Furthermore, the visual design of Smokedancer has been described as “cool and flashy.” Because the colors used this time are soft and vibrant. It would be fun playing with a lively-looking player. The appearance will also complement its abilities. 

What would be the role of Smokedancer?

Smokedancer would be a Controller. The first new Controller since Harbor was introduced in October 2022. This was highly needed because a little time ago we saw the launch of ISO, Deadlock as Duelist and Sentinel respectively. So, a new controller was badly needed.

What would be the abilities of Smokedacer?

Below are the speculated abilities of Smokedancer:

1. Flashy Pink-Colored Blinding Smoke:

Since it has the word smoke in its name, its signature ability would be about smoke. Smokedancer may deploy smoke with a unique, flashy pink color, obscuring vision in a targeted area. This signature ability could be used strategically for blocking sightlines or providing cover for teammates.

2. Distracting Insects:

From the agent 25 images leaked by ValorLeaks that have some insects and butterflies on it too, it is anticipated the new agent Smokedancer would also have abilities to distract enemies. Smokedancer might release a swarm of butterflies that disorient or damage enemies in the targeted area

3. Protective Shield:

Smokedancer could also have a protective shield. Because in the teaser a cocoon was shown. The cocoon could represent a protective ability. Smokedancer might deploy a temporary cocoon-like shield, providing protection or reducing damage for itself or allies.

4. Teleportation Abilities:

The teaser revealed a cocoon transforming into a butterfly.  It could also mean that Smokedancer would be able to move quickly and unexpectedly across the map.  It will give strategic advantages such as flanking opponents, escaping danger, or repositioning for a better vantage point.

5. Hypnotizing Cloud:

Smokedancer might possess an area-of-effect smoke ability that induces hypnotic and disorienting effects on opponents caught within the smoke. This could temporarily impair the vision or movement of enemies, making them more vulnerable to attacks.

6. Manipulating Illusions:

Smokedancer could have the ability to create mirages or illusions within the smoke, providing deceptive information to enemies about the agent’s actual position. This tool would contribute to misdirection and strategic confusion.

Smokedancer vs other Valorant Controllers

Here’s a comparison of Smokedancer with some of the existing Controllers in the game:

  • Viper and Harbor:

Smokedancer’s unique twists could differentiate it from Viper and Harbor.  Visually striking, dancer-inspired theme, and hypnotic effects associated with its smoke could be the differentiating features.

  • Astra:

Smokedancer might introduce a distinct style of smoke manipulation compared to Astra’s cosmic-themed abilities, possibly with more immediate and visually impactful effects.

  • Omen:

Smokedancers may introduce a more hypnotic and disorienting aspect to their smoke. Omen has a shadowy theme.

What would be the strategic impact of the release of Smokedancer?


Smokedancer’s role as a Controller suggests that it will have the ability to manipulate vision and create obstacles on the battlefield. You will love it because it would be using smoke to blind and obstruct enemies. Just like movie scenes. This strategic impact is valuable for teams aiming to control key areas, execute strategic plays, or disrupt opponents’ plans.


In conclusion, these all things are based on leaked info. There could be  so much more. So, be patient and wait until Valorant officially unveils its most awaited agent – Smokedancer.

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