“Have a Hired Follower to Eliminate an Opponent” Fortnite Quest

In this Article we will tell you how to complete “Have a Hired Follower Eliminate an Opponent Employing Characters in Fortnite” TMNT Quest Challenge. It is a great way to gain an advantage over your opponents to have a hired follower.

Whether you’re playing solo, or with a full squad in Fortnite. You will have the option to add additional characters to your team, for a small charge.

 "Have a Hired Follower to Eliminate an Opponent" Fortnite Quest

Have a Hired Follower Eliminate an Opponent (TMNT Quest Challenge)! Know how to complete this Quest

This is the way to have a hired follower to eliminate an opponent in Fortnite, as well as some data on what to anticipate from them while they’re helping you out.

To employ a character in Fortnite you will initially have to view as one. Our Fortnite character guide has each character location to assist you with tracking down a potential ally. 

The most effective method to employ characters in Fortnite. The accompanying characters are available like Aura, Diamond Diva, Frozen Red Knight, Helsie, Joni The Red, Raptorian The Brave, Rebel, Renegade Shadow.

How to have a hire Follower and How to Eliminate an Opponent with it?

Whenever you’ve tracked down a hireable character, simply speak to them. You can then spend a small amount of Gold Bars to employ them. They will currently be in your team, and will assist you in battles.

Well you can excuse a hired character by raising the command menu (left directional button on regulator, center mouse button on PC) and choosing ‘Excuse’.

 "Have a Hired Follower to Eliminate an Opponent" Fortnite Quest

What is TMNT Quest Challenge and what are the other ways to have a hired follower to eliminate an opponent?

They will also follow you, and even draw away approaching fire. By holding the center mouse button, or left on the directional pad of a regulator. You can try and issue commands. Hired characters can be very useful in Fortnite, as they can play out a variety of capabilities while in your team. Right off the bat, they will attack foes that you are attacking. 

These incorporate follow, wait, and restore. Indeed, that’s right, hired characters can restore you when brought down (not available in performances).

They have a great deal of health, and can be helpful in a battle, however in the event that you’d rather stay covered up and calm, you’ll want to avoid recruiting characters.

The main drawback to recruiting a character in Fortnite is that they can easily offer your situation. Hired characters will generally be clearly, and will frequently break designs, and run at a full run while chasing after you. 


So, pick any of those interestingly, and you’ll finish the “have a hired follower a command’ quest. Of that choice, Move is usually the most valuable Fortnite command to give, as you can utilize it to send your Specialist to scout ahead opponents.

They experience are probably going to start shooting assuming they spot them. Revealing their situation and distracting them while you move in for a sneak attack to catch them unawares.

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