Year of the Dragon Event COD Mobile! Latest 2024

In this Article we will talk about the Entire Year of the Dragon Event COD Mobile, in this way, with the end of Fighter’s Story, comes Call of Duty Mobile Season 2: Lunar Dragon. You will also know how you can get Dragon Tokens in CODM.

So, with the new season comes another weapon, another fight royale class and new year of the dragon event COD Mobile and it’s players internationally. The new time of Call of Duty Mobile praises the Chinese New Year with the Year of the Dragon Event.

 Year of the Dragon Event COD Mobile! Latest 2024

Year of the Dragon Event COD Mobile! Check Out Features and Updates

The Year of the Dragon Event is very important in COD Season 2. Lunar Dragon will go live in a couple of days, denoting the second season in Series 5. Here is all you want to be aware of Call of Duty Mobile Season 2: Lunar Dragon.

Year of the Dragon Event COD Mobile! Release Date and More

The new season 2 Lunar Dragon will go live in Call of Duty: Mobile on seventh February at 4:00 PM PT. It will go live on eighth February at 12:00 AM GMT/5:30 AM IST/8:00 AM SGT.

Why is the Lunar Dragon important for Year of the Dragon Event COD Mobile?

The new Lunar Dragon season is very amazing in the year of the dragon event. It includes new weapons including the Sort 19 Attack Rifle (AR) and a scuffle Lance. The Sort 19 AR is the principal one of a kind weapon for the mobile title. While the official weapon details will be accessible just on discharge, Leakers On Duty has tweeted out weapon specs. 

If the details stay unaltered upon discharge, the Sort 19 AR has a base harm of 28 alongside a fire pace of 75, which is very high for an AR.

Alongside the new AR, you can likewise get a Mythic Weapon Outline for the Kind 19. The season likewise includes another optional, a scuffle skewer.

 Year of the Dragon Event COD Mobile! Latest 2024

Chinese Year of the Dragon Event! Know the celebration

Commending the Chinese New Year, a Year of the Dragon form of Nuk3town is coming to the new season. As per the engineers, “encompassed commonly at night, this variant of the guide gives recognition to the dragon in a cutting edge setting.”

The BR mode likewise includes drifting stages. All players will enter the Fight Royale match on the drifting stage where they can light fireworks and play two minigames. Weapons are crippled; just fireworks are permitted nearby. 

Watch for UAVs conveying gift boxes close to the drifting stage and endeavor to hit them with your fireworks to procure the plunder inside. Alongside gear like connections, weapons, and other consumables, you may likewise procure a food gift box, used to start one of the cooking minigames.


Additionally, search for inflatables close to the stage. Shoot them down to deliver their freight. Different regions on Detached may likewise highlight UAVs conveying gift boxes. Annihilate them to procure the plunder they convey.

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