How to Get Dancing Domino Fortnite FREE

How to Get Dancing Domino Fortnite: What is up? Everybody hope everybody is having a great time. Then once again guys in this article right here, I’m going to show you how to get dancing Domino. I think that’s what it’s called. Alright is is break it down when you take him down. What’s in the world? But anyway, let me just show you the email real quick. Okay, which is, it’s pretty cool. And once again, this is the email.

How to Get Dancing Domino Fortnite FREE
How to Get Dancing Domino Fortnite FREE

It’s just Peter gryphon looks so funny You know what? All the email look really cool with pretty grief. I don’t know why. It’s just so funny. But anyway, yeah, they got the same and they got this other email right here. Alright. So I’m gonna show you how to get both of them so you can know exactly what you need to do Alright? And Pretty awesome OK, so I just followed the step.

How to Get Dancing Domino Fortnite

It’s gonna be pretty simple and pretty fast. So you guys gonna enter this code right here, which is gonna be HTTP_Type in free OK _Type in any_emo Alright. And then put _and type in on, like you own it. Then you guys gonna put dash 009 001221 0909 just like that. And then press done. And then send it to your account. Now, as soon as you send to your account, you’re gonna come back over here.

You guys gonna take this out? Once you guys take it out, press done, and then back out, and then come to your item shop, and we’re gonna get this both emo. We’re gonna get the this one, and we’re gonna get this one right here. This is the iconic emo right here. So we’re gonna press the pause menu, go to reporting, report a bug go to a safe shop, locker and lobby, and go to a set item or vbox on appearing.

How to Get Dancing Domino Fortnite FREE
How to Get Dancing Domino Fortnite FREE

Click on continue and click on accept. Then click on close. And now you wanna hover to the other emo, this one here, which is also new. Press the pause menu, go to report, report and then go to A, say, shop locker lobby, and then go to a set item of V bucks up on appearance. Click on continue and click on accept. Then we’re gonna click on close. Alright.

The group plans to start a battle royale game, hovering to the desired emo and selecting the desired email from the item shop. They will then start the game, spawn, and wait until the time reaches zero before proceeding.

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So please be patient. So you guys gotta do, just be patient. And then I’m gonna tell you exactly what you need to do next. So please follow the step, guys. So like that, you guys can hit this, but I have no problem at all And, yeah, so right now we just basically waiting for the time to go down to zero. We’re gonna spawn by the battle bus. And as soon as we do spawn by the battle bus, we wanna press down the D path to basically think the bus driver.

So like that, you guys will be good to go. Here we go. Press down the deeper to basically think the bus driver just the way I’m showing you right now. Follow the step Now, once you basically press down on the D pad, you guys wanna go to the reckless railway right over here. Now we’re gonna jump out of the battle bus. And just to let you guys know this, everybody’s gonna jump here, because they want that brand new emo. So just letting you guys know So just follow the step. Also, if anybody is having problems trying to get the email, whatever, put your name in the comment section below, because I want, I will hope you guys are with that email. If anything happened.

The speaker plans to fly over and open two chats, urging caution due to potential emo skin and pickaxe theft. They also plan to play chess in a corner, but may encounter spawning issues. If not, they will suggest alternative locations for opening two chests.

Fortnite Dancing Domino Emote

Sometimes they, they come in this spot right here. Let me show you in this little corner You could get the other chest. I’m not talking about, like, any chest, like it had to be, like, is inside here. Is the weapon chest. You go open those, those also work. If anything, you just have to walk right here, walk down here. Oh, wait, somebody’s definitely down here. Walk right here Yeah. And you see, that’s the reason why you got to be careful. But you could open two chances right there. let me show you all the spot that you can go to. Orion, you can also go to hillside to open 2 chest.

Alright So we could go here. We could definitely open the chest And, oh, and one more spot. You could go to, you could go to like I said, I’ll show you with the other one, all the location is at So you go open the other chest. I’ll show you where there’s another one. Give it a 2nd. It’s still loading for me. Or we could come over here in this spot right over here. So you could go to hillside. You could open the chest there, or you go open the chest here, or you go open the chest by a reckless railway right here. Alright. Now, once you do open them, guys, all you guys have to do now is wait for two weeks for you to receive those emo. OK, 2 weeks.

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