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BGMI 3.0 32 bit 64 bit Update Download


BGMI 3.0 32-bit 64-bit Update Download: The most current edition, 3.0, which arrived in mid-November, provided gamers with a Messi collaboration, RP M17, C3S9, Aftermath 2.0, and other additions.

Krafton and Level Infinite release each PUBG Mobile patch update, which includes a number of additions and optimizations, over the course of about two months.

As with every upgrade, the 3.0 version is scheduled for release in line with the chosen trend. Therefore, the next patch ought to be available in 2023. Thanks to the new features in the 3.0 beta version, which is presented live, fans might see new features in the January 2023 patch.

As you are aware, PUBG is played by millions of people worldwide. 2022’s PUBG Mobile 2.3 Update Apk is keenly awaited. In order to better serve PUBG fans, PUBG mobile 2.3 update apk will be released in 2022. PUBG enthusiasts were quite delighted when PUBG mobile 2.2 apk was released for 2022.

However, developers have already started testing the PUBG mobile 2.4 update apk 2022 in order to enhance their players’ gaming experience BGMI2.4 32-bit 64-bit Update Download.

BGMI 2.5 32 bit 64 bit Update Download
BGMI 3.0 32 bit 64 bit Update Download


Upcoming update with BGMI 3.0:

If interested, you may get the PUBG Mobile 3.0 Update Apk 2022 32bit APK File by clicking here if you have an Android smartphone. Everyone can now download the Tencent Games’ PUBG Mobile 2.3 version. 2.3 PUBG mobile update Get the 2022 64 bit apk here.

The PUBG mobile 2.3 update apk 2022 is obtained as it becomes increasingly clear that Tencent Games will release the beta version of PUBG Mobile 2.3, giving us detailed information on the gaming material that will be accessible with the upcoming update. Tencent solicits comments from the game developers before publishing the beta version.

Friends, we are providing information on how to upgrade PUBG Mobile 2.3 in India so that you can do it without a VPN or encountering any problems. According to the PUBG Mobile 2.3 update download, the 1.8 updates and the Aftermath update were both issue. This map’s popularity among gamers originally rose, but when more parivartan began to disappear from the map, interest in it began to decline.


Article title pubg mobile 3.0 update apk 2023
Game domain Pubg Mobile global 2.7
32 bit APK file size 716 mb
64 bit APK file size 799 mb
Update size 1 gb+
PUBG Mobile 2.2 release date 11 November 2022
Organization Tencent
website Click Here

How to update BGMI 3.0 version:

You can completely update PUBG Mobile to version 2.3 from the Play Store by gathering information from us.

  • Clear the cache on your Play Store first.
  • Now open a brand-new Gmail account and link your smartphone to a VPN.
  • Then, go to the Play Store and type “PUBG Mobile” in the search bar.
  • After that, you must select Update and download all available updates.
  • After that, disable the VPN connection and launch PUBG Mobile 2.3 to start playing.

Football theme mode:

The Football theme mode is available after installing the PUBG Mobile 2.3 update, and it is used to watch the Fifa World Cup. It cannot be denied that the beta version’s Football theme mode continues to elicit conflicting opinions. only at this time BGMI2.4 32 bit 64 bit Update Download.

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