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Richoco MLBB Scan Code Redeem MLBB EDOT.PH MLBB – How to Claim or Redeem


Richoco MLBB ScanRichoco MLBB Scan Code: You might enjoy eating pink lava, choco lava, and richnuts, but did you know that when you purchase these wafers, you will also receive a free Mobile Legend Diamond and a special skin?

With the initial response to this collaboration being positive, the richesse snack brand decided to take it a step further and partner with the multi-player mobile online battle arena game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). This partnership will give those who eat wafers multiple chances to win gaming premium accessories, legendary skins, and other prizes.

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Richoco MLBB Scan Code
Richoco MLBB Scan Code

According to Richesse Showcasing Supervisor Lhenn Samson, MLBB and Enerlife’s collaboration came about as a result of their shared desire to support the Filipino gaming community by providing them with a more enjoyable and financially rewarding gaming experience that they can share with their friends and loved ones.

The 50gm container of Richoco wafers and Richeese features a QR code that may be scratched to reveal amazing promotions that can even be used to play Mobile Legends.

How to Redeem Richoco MLBB Scan Code:

Get an idea of how to use https /edot.ph/mlbb to scan and receive reward points by following these instructions. Open any browser and go to below link.

  • https //mlbb.edot.ph/mlbb redeem code
  • https //mlbb.edot.ph/mlbb gift code
  • mlbb.edot.ph claim rewards
  • https //edot.ph/mlbb scan the qr code
  • https //mlbb.edot.ph/mlbb
  • https //edot.ph/mlbb scan code richoco
  • https //mlbb.edot.ph/mlbb gift code

“Login” and “register” are the two options available here. If you have already registered for an account on edot.ph/mlbb, select “login” otherwise, select “register”. Verify the QR code. There is a potential that you may win free Mobile Legends diamonds and free special skins if luck is on your side. The QR code must be redeemed by new members who have not yet joined.

Only after they have done so may they begin to claim benefits. You can obtain the rewards with the Mobile Legends Limited Edition Cards. All of these wafers, including RICHEESE, RICHOCO, RICHNUTS, COCO LAVA, and PINK LAVA, contain a QR code within the package. The award can only be used once.

This article will offer you every fresh, updated, and active Mobile Legends Bang Bang Redeem Code (MLCODE) available. Get free Diamonds, Skins, Fragments, Magic Dust, and other in-game goodies by using these coupons.

Let’s start with the MLBB codes without further ado. Remember that they are subject to expiration at any time, thus it is advised that you use your freebies as soon as possible!

Richoco MLBB Scan Diamond Purchases:

Mobile Legends gamers frequently receive presents from game producers, well-known players, or even simply a buddy, including hero skins, diamonds, borders, and other items. Yet, many gamers are unaware of how to use the Mobile Legends codes.

Moonton Games frequently offers free redeem coupons for a variety of occasions, including events, steams, and even as a bonus with diamond purchases. Unfortunately, some people might not be aware of how to use the codes we receive from ML. Thus, for Mobile Legends, here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to redeem codes.

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