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PUBG Mobile KR 3.0 32bit & 64bit APK


PUBG Mobile KR Version 32bit & 64bit APK: 3.0 Update Latest: PUBG Mobile is a very popular and well-known game in the Mobile Gaming Community. It is a Battle Royale game that launched on 19 March 2018 Globally. It’s managed by a South Korean company named BlueWhole. However, the developers of Krafton made a separate version of the game with different optimization for the Japanese & Korean players. This version is called PUBG Mobile KR Version, which is basically Global PUBG Mobile with different optimization. If you are interested that how is the game? How to play or how to install PUBG MOBILE KR Version 32bit & 64bit APK? Let’s find out in this article-

PUBG Mobile KR Version 32bit Apk
PUBG Mobile KR Version 32bit Apk

PUBG Mobile Korean Version or KR Version 32bit & 64bit APK 3.0 

Despite being popular with PUBG Mobile, the developers of Korea decided to make a separate version of the game. This game is only available for Japanese & Korean players, but anyone can play this game globally on Android or iOS. PUBG Mobile KR Version is fully developed by Krafton developers, those who manage BGMI too for India. If you wanna try this game once, here I am going to guide you on how to install this game on your phone. Let’s See what we need-

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  • System Requirements for PUBG KR Version 32Bit & 64Bit:-

  • For Androids, You need a minimum of 2 GB of RAM. Obviously, you can go for a high-end device for maximum performance.
  • For iOS players, You need a minimum iOS version of 6.0 or higher to play the game smoothly.
PUBG Mobile KR Version 32bit & 64bit APK : 1.7 Update Latest
PUBG Mobile KR Version 32bit & 64bit APK : 3.0 Update

Let’s Check out how to install 32bit or 64bit APK on your phone

PUBG Global For Android Users

  • Firstly, Check if your phone supports the 32bit or 64bit versions of the game.
  • Then go to the below link, & download the apk file & obb file from the link.
  • Save it in your phone storage.
  • After that install the apk file. Warning: Don’t open it right now.
  • After installing the file, go to phone storage & locate where you have saved the obb file/folder.
  • If it is in a zip file then unzip it. If not then just copy the folder and paste it to the following path

 Internal Storage>Android>obb> (then paste it here)

  • Completing all the processes, give the new PUBG app Storage permission.
  • Now open the game & let’s wait some time to complete all necessary steps automatically.
  • It’s all done now. Enjoy!

PUBG Global For Ios users

It’s always tricky for iOS users to get something outside from the App Store itself. Don’t worry. I am going to help you too. Follow these tips carefully & Don’t mess it up-

  • Firstly, go to your App Store on your iOS device.
  • Then go to the Profile tab & change the region to “Korea, the Republic of” & agree on the terms.
  • Now go to the Main tab & Now search for PUBG KR & It will appear for you.
  • Enjoy!

Note: If you mess up things in android, just install the app & open PUBG Mobile KR 32bit or 64bit. It will automatically download all necessary files. But keep in mind you need Wi-Fi for that.

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