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Best GFX Tool For BGMI 3.0 | Complete Details


Best GFX Tool For BGMI 3.0: You will need to download and install the newest GFT tool ‘GFX Tool BGMI’ on your smartphone and tablet when you’re playing a newly releasing Indian version of the BGM I Mobile and want to unlock 60 FPS graphics and framework set in-game.

Best GFX Tool For BGMI
Best GFX Tool For BGMI

This new game also demands end-up Android and iOS devices, like the original PUBG game, to play without problems. Lagging and cutting problems on low-end Android and iOS smartphones are mostly placed.

You must download and install this current program on your device if you want to play the newly launched Fight for India BGMI Royal game without buffering and delay difficulties.

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What is the Best GFX Tool for BGMI

This is the latest solution to help low-end Android users who experience problems when playing high-end Android games on their low-end Android smartphones owing to their low frame rate and FPS graphical settings. You might know about FOS which is frames per second when playing PUBG mobile or any other Battle Royale game.

Developers all put several FPS in the game, which users decided to play. Most new gamers do not know the optimal FPS setting to utilize during playback. If throughout the game you realized that on most high-end Android devices, you’ll see the FPS settings below. We are providing best GFX Tool for BGMI.

  • High – 30 FPS
  • Ultra – 40 FPS
  • Extreme – 60 FPS
  • 90 FPS
best BGMI GFX Tool
best BGMI GFX Tool

Download Link for the best BGMI GFX Tool

Click here to Download the best BGMI GFX tool.

Other Features Regarding Best GFX Tool BGMI

You know this new game is also has high-definition visuals so that you can play the game without lagging on your high-end Android smartphone. Players will also be able to use high graphics on low-end machines using this new feature, such bin high graphics,

In a lowest-end device, you can heat your device and also drain more battery by utilizing HDR and a high frame rate. So, depending on device compatibility, utilize any of the aforementioned options.

Is it safe to use GFX Tool for BGMI?

One thing to bear in mind is that it’s not a game creators’ official app that removes this app from Google Play Store. However, players still use this application to increase FPS in the game.

This software does not modify or alter the original game code. It merely alters the graphics of the game so more people may enjoy the game on their low-end Android smartphones free of charge.

How to fix the lag issue in BGMI 

  • Close Background Applications

    Users should shut all the apps operating on their smartphones in the background. They eat a piece of RAM, which impacts the fluidity of the game immediately.

  • Reduce Graphics

    The game is smooth and functioning depending on the player’s device. Users might consider lowering the visuals of PUBG Mobile in order to get the greatest frame rate possible. This could provide them with higher fps and reduced latency.

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  • Disable Auto UpdatesA unique feature of the Play Store upgrades apps on devices immediately as they are available. They have a lot of data, which leads to a higher ping. In addition, the synchronization option syncs data with other applications. If you deactivate this option, you must synchronize your data manually to applications such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail. It also means, though, that the internet would not be consumed.
  • Clear Cache

    In addition, emptying the cache for players is another potential solution. It allows a large part of your RAM to be freed. In the event of low storage, the cache is an obstacle to the phones, even though it is the data of the program itself that enables it to work properly.

  • Use a GFX Tool

BGMI is one of the renowned Krafton games produced by Players Unknown Battleground. This is one of the most popular trends in mobile games, however, it can also be played on a PC. In comparison with Android, this game demonstrated greater performance on iOS devices.

  • Resolution

Once you have decided on the perfect version, one way to start is to set up a game solution. As you can see, the resolution is the number of pixels on your phone display. Many pixels mean additional records on the display screen, mainly in a clear image.

You have a lot of options here. It’s a good idea to preview your cell phone’s default resolution and see what happens when you increase or decrease it.

  • GFX Tool – Rendering Quality Section Highlighted
  • GFX Tool – Rendering Quality Options
  • Select Version

Before you can start looking at many device settings, you need to select the BGMI you are gambling with. If you are unsure of the region at that time, go with Your Version.

  • GFX Tool – Select Version Section


  • Color Format, Graphics API, and GPU Optimization

These settings are associated with your pixel capabilities. For example, a 32-bit shadow format will be much smaller but have a better FPS, while 64-bit can have a better quality than the frame price.

You have Graphics API options. Choose Vulcan with the best alternative to OpenGL to work. Lastly, in case your hardware supports GPU Optimization, skip ahead and enable it. It should improve your performance.

  • Rendering Quality

The offering is a way to generate a visual on-screen display, as well as surroundings, gadgets, and enemies. Setting this feature to High provides a high-quality view of objects such as shadows.

While this may seem quality, it can drain your cell phone and cause the overall performance to fail. So you should keep it in Low or Medium on the old phone.

Also, in this game, the players are taken away with a parachute and their lives begin after landing. Then gamers must look for weapons to kill adversaries only to remain alive. There are several methods for staying alive and killing your opponents.

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