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Pet Sim 99 Patch Notes Today Update 5 January 2023


Pet Sim 99 Patch Notes Update 5 ? Check out what’s new, please. Fortunately, your quest is over—this guide contains the most recent Pet Simulator 99 patch notes! There is an abundance of engaging features and material coming your way, including new biomes, missions, pets, eggs, and time-limited events.

Pet Sim 99 Patch Notes Update 5
Pet Sim 99 Patch Notes Update 5

The latest patch notes for Pet Simulator 99 introduce new features, making it an ideal time to declutter your closet and enjoy the excitement of the game.

Pet Sim 99 Patch Notes Update 5

On January 27, 2024, the release of the next Pet Simulator 99 patch is UNCONFIRMED. Although BIG Games is no longer operating on a set weekly schedule, we will continue to check for changes every Saturday at 5:00 p.m. GMT.

The meter below indicates the estimated release date, so you can use it to determine how long you should wait. If not, you may consult our Pet Simulator 99 release schedule, which details the expected release dates of all next upgrades.

Patch Notes Update 5 Pet Sim 99

Released now is Pet Sim 99 Update 5. The game now includes a ton of brand-new content. Secret Keys assist us in a number of ways, but players should be concentrating on moving the game along as soon as feasible.

Pet Sim 99 Patch Notes Update 5
Pet Sim 99 Patch Notes Update 5

Patch Notes provide us access to Area, Rebirth Three, flying balloons, secret chambers, present places, secret door locations, and secret key locations.

Pet Sim 99 Update Notes New Item

  • Rebirth offers permanent +225% pet damage, a new slingshot for balloon shooting, unlockable secret rooms with secret keys, rewards for pet collection, pet team creation, and enchant loadout creation.
  • The game has introduced 25 new areas, including Haunted Forest and Rainbow Road.
  • The game now offers 60 new pets, including Cupcake, Angelus, and Vibrant Toucan.
  • The introduction of 25 new eggs, ranging from Eerie Egg to Rainbow Egg, has introduc.
  • The addition of a Boss Chest in Heaven Gates is both challenging and rewarding.
  • The introduction of the Sakhire Coin and Bar as new forms of currency has been announced.
  • The addition of Ranks 15 to 18 has been made with additional benefits.
  • Six new player upgrades have been added to various new areas.
  • The introduction of 20 new shiny relics has made.
  • New achievements include those related to balloons, magic machines, and piñatas.
  • New free rewards are now available in various areas, including free items, enchants, potions, and diamonds.
  • The third clan battle is centered on pet collecting.
  • The introduction of new charms and enchants, such as Huge Potion and Daycare Slot Voucher, is now available.

Pet Sim 99 Update Notes Bug Fix

  • For short-term boosts, new shovels, fishing poles, and flags are offer.
  • Random goods, toys, enchantments, and potions are all found in bundles. Rebirth 3 and a Secret Door Key are require to open Secret Rooms and Keys.
  • Minigames include Lucky Block, Advanced Fishing, Advanced Digsite, and daily surges with augmented treasure. Flying balloons, pinatas, and lucky blocks are among the events.
  • Magic fuel is transform into prizes by machines. Which also index incentives for pets.
  • To lessen latency, Quality of Life enhancements include inventory pages, pet team management, and storage boxes.
  • Numerous bug fixes for charm slots, update logs, and vending machines are include.
  • Flag stacking and improvements to Clan Search.
  • Anti-Scam measures and Fishing mechanics changes.
  • Changes to the egg locations, hatch odds, and objectives.
  • Storage boxes for arranging belongings and pets.
  • Features for Charm Loadouts and Pet Teams management.
  • Inventoried Pages to reduce latency.
  • Brand-new, exclusive egg with special pets.
  • Get an upgraded random drop with the Super Drops Gamepass.
  • For more slots, use the Daycare Gamepass Buff.


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