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Star Ocean 2 Character Tier List Complete Guide 2024


In this article you will find out the Star Ocean 2 Character Tier List and its advantages and disadvantages in the game. Definitive Tier List of the Best Star Ocean 2 Characters. This Best Star Ocean 2 Characters Tier List provides a breakdown and rating of all the different characters to assist you in deciding who deserves a seat on your squad.

 Star Ocean 2 Character Tier List Complete Guide 2023

Star Ocean 2 Character Tier List Complete Guide

Looking for the finest characters in Star Ocean 2 then you are on the right path. There is a compelling reason You need to look further. We’ve played through the game a few times with each possible class mix, and we have an exceptionally strong thought of what characters are fantastic and which are horrendous.

Star Ocean 2 Character Tier List A


If you’re not utilizing Opera and haven’t maxed your Healing Star, you’ll need a healer, and your options are Rena, who is pretty good, or Noel, who is hot rubbish. I believe the option is obvious.

Rena receives all of the party’s heals, buffs, and revives. Everything you want in a healer, plus she obtains her ultimate weapon, which reduces MP costs, automatically as part of the game’s plot. She isn’t the finest character, but she is essential for the most of the game.


Ashton, apart from looking very awesome, is essentially a slightly poorer version of Claude. He also has early access to his ultimate weapon. It doesn’t shoot out stars, but it does kill creatures. Piercing Blades, Hurricane Slash, and Dragon’s Breath are among his lethal techniques.


Dias is quite beefy and has a lot of KMs. You may also equip him with the Marvel Sword until you can obtain his Crimson Devil final weapon, which doubles as a free Berserk Ring. He has quick and strong KMs (Chaos Sword, which develops to hit twice, and Illusion, which can hit four times). I mean, none of that compares to Claude’s typical Aeterna + Slayer’s Ring assault, but it’s still quite powerful.

Dias is made more valuable in Second Evolution since his physical attack chain is incredibly rapid and he can utilize the Slayer’s Ring, but even with the nerf, Claude still beats him out with Aeterna. Definitely one of the greatest characters in Star Ocean 2.

Star Ocean 2 Character Tier List B


Chisato is probably around the same as Bowman. Her main issue is because you obtain her late in the game, her sole excellent weapon isn’t accessible until much later, and her only truly good KM is her last one (Tear Gas). Basically, the game is done by the time she’s helpful.


Bowman is your man if you can tolerate hearing “poison pills, p-p-p-poison-p-p-poison-p-p-poison pills during the entire game. He has two moves that are almost identical (poison pills and inferno pills). Each one is a multi hit move that may be activated quickly. If you utilize Bowman, this is the only thing he will ever do.  

Star Ocean 2 Character Tier List C


Precis’s basic assault isn’t particularly strong, but Forcefield is a solid multi-hit move. She’s definitely toward the bottom of the pack among physical attackers, but she’s far from worthless.

I still like her as Bowman since she has a more intriguing character design, but she is far from one of the finest Star Ocean 2 characters.


It’s good that a new character was included for the Second Evolution adaptation, but she’s rather mediocre overall. Except for diversity, I can’t fathom picking her above any of the other fighters available to you.


Overall, he’s perhaps the worst of the physical attackers. He earns one nice KM, but the major reason he’s helpful is that you can steal Battle Suits from him in numerous PAs. Aside from that, he doesn’t stick out. Weak weaponry, mediocre KMs.

Star Ocean 2 Character Tier List D


Despite wizards awful in Star Ocean 2, Leon doesn’t suck as much as you’d anticipate. You still reach the damage cap late (at the very least, late in the second disc), thus his damage doesn’t completely stop until then. Overall, he possesses the most damaging spells. Still mostly ineffective.

Leon possesses a fairly useful physical attack that doesn’t need him to jump, and he wields the game’s sole multihit spell. None of this compensates for his general weakness, but it keeps him out of the F Tier on the greatest Star Ocean 2 Characters Tier List.


Ocean 2 characters’ greatest star Noel possesses middling healing and terrible magic. His recovery is better than nothing. There’s almost no reason to choose him over Rena.  

Star Ocean 2 Character Tier List F


Celine is terrible. Celine should not be used. Do not even invite her to your party. Unlock a couple talents on her while you have her, and then discard her. A complete waste of a character slot. When it comes to Star Ocean 2 characters, they are at the bottom of the barrel.

Star Ocean 2 Character Tier List S


He’s your primary character (most likely), and he’s also ridiculously powerful. Because his finest weapon, Eternal Sphere (Aeterna), is very foolish and only available around 15% of the way through the game.

When you hit an adversary with the Aeterna, it showers a dozen or more stars at them, dealing substantial damage. Not only does this ferocious weapon completely erase any difficulty from the game as soon as you have it, but if anything survives being struck by it once, they’ll be stunned because SO2 calculates the chance to stun by how many times an opponent is hit in fast succession.

So this item deals a lot of damage and nearly always stuns foes. Put a Berserk Ring and a Slayer’s Ring on Claude and you’re good to go.


It’s unfortunate that you have to pick between Opera and Ashton (honestly, I just get both at this point), because they’re both the finest characters after Claude, but Opera wins out for two reasons.

First, she has the ability to tackle flying adversaries from the ground, which is very crucial in this game. Second, her deadly movements are amazing. For damage, she possesses Alpha on One and Hyperlauncher. The Hyperlauncher is probably somewhat superior, but it takes longer to develop.

Furthermore, she possesses a devastating ability called Healing Star that, when maxed up, restores your party to full health in a fraction of a second for almost no mana cost, without pausing the combat. It essentially eliminates the need for a healer.

Final Thoughts on the Best Star Ocean 2 Character Tier List

Physical attackers with rapid regular attacks and effective multihit KMs lead the best Star Ocean 2 character tier ranking, while mages fall drastically behind. The truth is that mages in Star Ocean 2 are just not good. They may be useful early on in the game, but as you start collecting strong weapons for your physical damage dealers, they just can’t keep up.

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