BGMI 3.0: Battleground Mobile India UC Purchase Website Free 2024

BGMI: Battleground Mobile India UC Purchase Website Free. Battlegrounds Mobile India’s Early Access is already available, and fans can’t wait for the game’s full debut. As beta testers tried out the special Indian edition of PUBG Mobile, they also noticed a lot of parallels between the two games. Minor changes include the absence of blood effects, the use of the word “Finished” rather than “Killed,” in-game warnings, and so on.

BGMI: Battleground Mobile India UC Purchase Website
BGMI: Battleground Mobile India UC Purchase Website

In India, Krafton also continues to surprise its customers with new products. They just announced BGMI, also an Indian rebranded version of PUBG Mobile is available for early access. They provided early access for everyone in India within a day of announcing the Battlegrounds Mobile India Open Beta for limited users.

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Where to Purchase UC in BGMI Online?

Method 1 – Using Online Website (Cheaper)
Buy BGMI UC from
  • Click here to go to and buy UC for BGMI Mobile.
BGMI: Battleground Mobile India UC Purchase Website
  • You may go to Midasbuy straight to buy UC or register for Midasbuy first to earn additional awards depending on the event.
  • After a ban on the official shop of Midasbuy, click on the “stop-up” button and then choose UC, as much as you want to buy UC.
  • Now, after UC is selected, enter the player ID in the player ID checkbox.
  • In the Player ID checkbox, copy your player ID and click the “OK” button.
  • Select any payment method from several choices.
  • On the screen complete the information on your card.
  • UC is sent to your mobile BGM inbox less than 24 hours after completion.
Method 2 – Using In-Game

1: After launching the game, players must look for the UC emblem in the lobby’s extreme top right corner.

2: A new menu will open, allowing them to purchase UCs by picking the desired quantity and tapping on it.

3: The “payment method” menu will display, prompting consumers to fill in the required information and finish the transaction.

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Cost Of Royal Pass in BGMI

RP is probably the best way to earn rewards like skins for weapons, clothing, imitation, and that’s just the beginning. Battlegrounds Mobile India brings Royal Pass known as Traverse. Royale Pass comes with 100 Royale Pass levels, which you need to achieve by completing dozens of machines.

There are two types of Royale Pass: Free and Elite. Free Pass is accompanied by a pre-determined amount of wages. Elite Royale Pass brings selected gifts and prizes also The key difference between the two is the way you are freed from the previous cost, while the last one you need to pay to use the in-game rates.

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BGMI RP cost

Apart from that, Elite Royale Pass is also divided into two: Elite Pass and Elite Pass Plus. Elite Pass will cost you 600 UC, while Elite Pass Plus can be purchased for 1800 UC. Elite Pass offers 100 prizes, which you can get by placing them on top. It also brings some advantages to choosing.

Elite Pass Plus brings all Elite Pass management alongside free travel up to 25 Ranks, selected prizes, and the sky is the limit from there. Depending on your reference, one can purchase an Elite Pass via UC or AG. More and more designers are offering another way to buy UC through its various team plans. BGMI costs for Royal passes

This includes 60 UC for Rs 89, 300+ UC for Rs 449, 600+ UC for Rs 899, 1,500+ UC for Rs 2,199, 3,000+ UC for Rs 4,499, and 6,000+ UC of Rs 8,900.

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