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Ragnarok Origin New Event Trial of Nerdiness! Know Everything 2024


In this Article you will know the latest Ragnarok Origin New Event Trial of Nerdiness and how you can join it. It’s a fascinating weekly event that brings joy in the faces of gamers. The Ragnarok Origin New Event Trial of Nerdiness has begun in the magical world of this amazing game.

Ragnarok Origin New Event Trial of Nerdiness! Know Everything 2023

This exciting adventure is a genuine test of your knowledge of the game’s mythology and mechanics, providing you an opportunity to prove your worth and receive wonderful prizes. Let’s go over the specifics of this fantastic new event.

What’s on the Ragnarok Origin New Event Trial of Nerdiness?

This New Event consists of Two-Tier Challenge, Initial and Final challenge. The Trial of Nerdiness is divided into two stages, each with its own set of trials.

Initial Challenge

Adventurers must have a minimum level of 100 to enter the arena of the Initial Assessment. This round consists of a 10-question quiz that delves into the mythology, mechanics, and detailed universe of objects in Ragnarok Origin.

To pass this quiz, you must properly answer at least seven questions. Victory in the Initial Assessment guarantees your place among the elite, with only the top 50% of competitors progressing to the grand finale – the Final Assessment.

Final Challenge

The Final Assessment awaits individuals who succeed in the Initial Assessment. This harder test comprises 20 troublesome inquiries covering a more extensive scope of topics and digging considerably more profound into Ragnarok Origin’s universe.

To win the Last Test, contenders should appropriately address something like 14 inquiries. The people who effectively complete this troublesome errand will be compensated with a plenty of esteemed gifts, including unique titles that mirror their expertise, uncommon products to support their ability, and premium money for elite in-game joys.

 Ragnarok Origin New Event Trial of Nerdiness! Know Everything 2023

Why Gamers are getting ready for the Ragnarok Origin New Event Trial of Nerdiness?

Exhaustive planning is fundamental for any aggressive globe-trotter needing to overwhelm the Trial of Nerdiness. Here are a few plans to assist you with planning for the fight to come:

  1. Enter the Legend: Investigate the site and wiki to study the game’s folklore. Understanding the universe of Ragnarok Origin will assist you with addressing the test questions.
  1. Evaluate various forms and things: Investigation with different forms and hardware to acquire an exhaustive handle of the game’s elements. The more you know, the more pre-arranged you’ll be to answer the great many inquiries.
  1. Work out, Exercise, Exercise: Work on your capacities by utilizing web devices that incorporate practice tests. Finding out about the inquiry construction can assist you with feeling more sure all through the assessments.

How’s the Ragnarok Origin New Event Trial of Nerdiness? 

Consider the following strategies when you enter the Trial of Nerdiness arena to increase your chances of success:

  1. Understanding Accuracy: Each question is a fortune map; cautiously concentrate on them to get the expected importance. A few inquiries might be more troublesome than they show up at first look.
  1. Vital Recognizable proof: Imprint inquiries for audit assuming that uncertainty emerges. This permits you to get back to every request later, giving a careful reaction.
  1. Unafraid Speculating: Feel free to make ballpark estimations. A very much considered gauge can in some cases be more gainful than leaving an inquiry unanswered.

What are the Rewards in The Ragnarok Origin New Event Trial of Nerdiness? 

Victory in the Trial of Nerdiness is not without its benefits. Special titles act as badges of honor, displaying your skill to other players. Rare things give substantial upgrades to your character’s skills, whilst premium cash unlocks a plethora of rare in-game goodies.


When was Ragnarok Origin released?

6th of April, 2023

Ragnarok Origin, a sequel to the famous MMO Ragnarok Online (RO), produced by Gravity Game Hub, was formally released on April 6th, 2024, reliving a real classic.

Is Monk a playable character in Ragnarok Origin Global?

Ragnarok Origin Global features a variety of classes, but one of the most recent, Monk, has caught the internet by storm owing to its unique skill set and strength-oriented gameplay. As a result, if you want to get good at the Monk class and make as much progress as possible, you should read our Monk build guide.

What advantages do alchemists have in Ragnarok Origin?

Alchemist will be available as a 2-2 Merchant subclass. Alchemists are bright creators with a cool mind. They manufacture remedies that are both light and effective. They excel in both offensive and defense by collaborating with their Homunculus mates.

In Ragnarok Origin, how can you become a gunslinger?

You can begin the Gunslinger Job Change quest by speaking with Master Miller inside one of Einbroch’s buildings. Master Miller will then send you to “Wise Bull” to receive his coupon. When you finish Wise Bull’s objectives, Master Millar will promote you to Gunslinger.

Ragnarök occurs during what time period?

Only the Icelandic poetry Völuspá (“Sibyl’s Prophecy”), presumably from the late 10th century, and the 13th-century Prose Edda of Snorri Sturluson (d. 1241), which mostly follows the Völuspá, properly depict the Ragnarök. According to those two accounts, terrible winters and moral upheaval will precede Ragnarök.

 Ragnarok Origin New Event Trial of Nerdiness! Know Everything 2023


The Ragnarok Origin New Event Trial of Nerdiness approaches, providing Ragnarok Origin fans with the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise and earn unmatched prizes. If you are a die-hard lover of the game, answer the call and take part in this remarkable event. Your exploration of Ragnarok Origin’s mythology and gameplay may lead you to grandeur and wealth beyond your wildest dreams.

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