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Mobile Legends KOF Event 2024 Release date Rewards and More


Mobile legends KOF event 2024 Release date Rewards and More: Mobile legends kof KOF event 2024 rewards, release date, and more have finally been revealed. The highly anticipated event will be one of the most anticipated events of the year, this event will include new characters, new skins, and lots more.


Mobile Legends KOF Event 2024 Release date Rewards and More

We will be able to join in the Mobile Legends KOF event when it launches in a few days. M Legends’ KOF event offers several awards and skins, but you must play fewer diamonds to obtain them. At the M Legends KOF event, you may buy every collaboration skin. That has ever been release for the illustrious fighting game series. Among the most popular skin series in the smartphone MOBA game are the Legends KOF skins.

Mobile Legends KOF Event 2024 Release date:

An KOF tournament for Mobile Legends may happen in January 2024, based on a leak. The King of Fighter joint skin was initially reveale at the same time. That Karina, Chou, and Guinevere unveiled their original skins in 2019. According to their Twitter account a replay of the KOF event for Mobile Legends be launch on January 23, 2024. These authorised Mobile Legends KOF skin will be available to players at various points during the event.

How To Get Mobile Legends KOF Skins:

The upcoming KOF event repetition will provide players the chance to get free tickets to choose from the event, like previous cooperative events.


According to the information miner Kazuki Official, each pre-registered attendee will receive one free ticket. Players can boost the amount of tickets they receive by completing a variety of event tasks. That be made accessible as part of the M Legends KOF events replay. Every player will receive the Karina Leona skin in the first 10 drawings of the competition. Players who already have the featured skin enabled would be randomly select to get. An Epic tier skin within the first ten draws.

How Will We Get The Mobile Legends KOF Skins?

  • I’m Karin Leona
  • Diamond by Aurora
  • K Gusion
  • Iori Chou Yagami
  • Asamiya Guinevere Athena

Mobile Legends KOF Event Quest:

Once you get to this point, you may do a quest to win an extra stamps that you’ll use to draw during the M Legends KOF event. You may finish the second step of the quest twice to get a total of 17 stamps from this event.

You gain 1 Ticket when logging in to the game.

When you top off once, you receive two tickets.

You receive 3 Tikets for topping off with 100 diamonds.

You earn 5 Tikets when you top up 250 diamonds.

3 Tickets are given to you when you spend 100 gems.

3 Tickets are given to you when you spend 250 gems.

You have the opportunity to acquire the KOF skin or potentially extra Epic skin that you haven’t yet acquired with simply 250 diamonds. However, in order to be confident of getting the KOF skin, you must first build a bingo design that incorporates three separate patterns: horizontal, vertical, and diagonal. And the Mobile legendary KOF Skin would return at some point this month, perhaps even before the new year.

We hope you enjoyed our article about the M legends KOF event 2024 release date. With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your free time and enjoy the game to the fullest.

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