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KOF Event 2024 Phase 1 and Phase 2 Rewards and More


KOF Event 2024 Phase 1 and Phase 2: Many of Mobile Legends’ most recent updates have been made available, letting you play it immediately and without any problems.

You’ll continue drawing because you already understand this and the KOF Pattern. Because if you quickly spot the pattern that has developed, it won’t be difficult. By collecting the official KOF 2024 event pattern, which is as follows, you can now get KOF skins in Mobile Legends.

Mobile Legends KOF Event Phase 2 will start right after the following event. the Mobile Legends KOF Event Phase 2 skins, and more. This allowed you to change your character’s posture in addition to their movement. Skills, effects, icons, and Japanese voiceovers.

The skin cooperation between Mobile Legends and King of Fighters is one of the intriguing ones that commonly emerges in Mobile Legends. King of Fighters, sometimes known as KOF, is Moonton’s planning collaborator for this event.

KOF Event 2024 Phase 1 and Phase 2
KOF Event 2024 Phase 1 and Phase 2

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Players now have a second opportunity to obtain the official King of Fighters skin thanks to this event. You can enter a drawing at the KOF Event using a KOF Bingo Token award from a task in this event.

How Does KOF In Mobile Legends Work?

Giving away free tickets for use in the draw event will take up the first week of the event. Which will last for the entire month. Two KOF skins would also return for a 30-day period at a 30% discount.

the most recent data mining findings. On May 22, 2021, Bang Bang will only contain previously available KOF cooperation skins. There will be an encore of the KOF Mobile Legends collaboration event. This implies that the skin line will not be expanded with any new skins.

The skins must be claimed by King of Fighters Bingo Draw participants. A 10x Draw costs 2250 diamonds, compared to 225 diamonds for a single draw. Every day’s first draw will result in a 50% discount on 1x Draw for you.

The 10x Draw will be discounted by 30% on both hands. You are certain of receiving the legendary Karina “Leona” Skin on your first 10x Draw of an MLBB x KOF draw in 2024.

A bingo must be started in order to get more KOF skins. Complete drawings to obtain random Bingo Rewards to achieve this. You could win a KOF Mobile Legends skin by simultaneously lighting up three similar rewards in any direction.

Lalu, Kapan Event MLBB 2024 KOF Phase 2?

It is understood from earlier unpublished information that the event KOF Phase 2 MLBB 2024 would likely take place between February 4 and February 6, 2024, next time.
In the aforementioned Instagram post from Mobile Legends Turki, information on the KOF event’s schedule for February 4–5 was already mentioned.

As previously said, there hasn’t been any concrete information about whether or not there would be a second phase for the current edition of the Mobile Legends tournament. However, there is no problem if you can siap-siap if you believe that the tournament will resume in February.

This is a comprehensive statement about whether or not this KOF phase 2 MLBB event will actually take place. It is necessary to acknowledge that as of this writing, there isn’t any real information about the second phase of the event.

KOF Bingo Bingo:

You can actually understand all of this right away using KOF Bingo Bingo, which is very well-liked for us to know. So that those of you who draw later won’t encounter any issues, we’re going to use it straight immediately. We will therefore understand this right away, and you won’t be confused about how to execute the KOF Draw Pattern. Giving makes you more prepared to get this lovely skin later.

Now that we are familiar with the MLBB 2024 KOF Bingo Pattern, we can draw more easily. We may choose the skin we want right away, even though it’s at random, especially for the start of this new event. The KOF Mobile Legends Skin is quite attractive.

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