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Fortnite Item Shop Right Now January 2024


Fortnite Item Shop Right now 03 January 2024: It’s time to check out the Fortnite Item Shop inventory for December 03, 2023! We receive a fresh batch of cosmetics to buy every day, but they aren’t necessarily items we haven’t seen before.

Items that have spent a lot of time in the store frequently come to us. Even while it might make you a little sad, there are times when we receive brand-new products that have never been seen before, giving you the opportunity to be among the first to buy them.

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Although this shop has not yet gone live, we anticipate the following skins to be available: Spider-Man, MJ, Nightlife, Arctic Assassin, Dynamo, Ghost Enforcer, Shadow Enforcer, Fox Fire, Manic, and Boba Fett are among the characters who appear in “No Way Home.”

Fortnite Item Shop Right Now 1 April 2023
Fortnite Item Shop Right Now 03 December 2023

Don’t Start Now, Jump Around, The Macarena, Signature Shuffle, Bhangra Boogie, Capoeira, Henchman Bundle, Eureka!, Party Hips, and Thumbs Down are the things we anticipate to be available in the shop.

Fortnite Crew Pack December:

On March 31, 2023 at 8 p.m. ET, the December Crew Pack with the new Triarch Nox skin will be made available to active Fortnite Crew members. As usual, you will also receive a few more sugary-sweet Cosmetics in addition to the skin, and to top it all off, some V-Bucks.

While Rift Knight Kieran joined the Crew Pack in March, Triarch Nox is a pleasant addition for December. All of the things in the pack are as follows:

  • Triarch Nox Outfit
  • Midnight Aegis Back Bling
  • Starlit Sai Pickaxe
  • Noxious Wrap
  • MJ (No Way Home)
  • Spider-Man (No Way Home)
  • Boba Fett
  • Nightlife
  • Arctic Assassin
  • Shadow Enforcer
  • Fox Fire

That focuses on the aesthetics, but as we’ve already noted, membership also includes monthly V-bucks. A total of 18,000 per month, but if you’re concerned that they won’t arrive right away when December begins, you should know that these are distributed on the date of your payment cycle, not the first of the month.

Also, if you already purchased the Chapter 4, Season 2 battle pass, you will be compensated with an additional 950 V-bucks.

Cost of Fortnite Crew in January 2024:

As usual, the December Fortnite Crew Bundle costs $18.99. The subscription-based Fortnite Crew service can be terminated at any moment. All discounts are yours to keep. Also, if you choose to cancel your subscription, you won’t lose any Outfits, V-Bucks, or Battle Passes.

Visit the Fortnite Store. For the most recent Fortnite Crew Pack, scroll below. To join the crew, select “Join the crew.” The purchase screen will then be displayed, where you can confirm your purchase. You are now a recognised member of the Fortnite team! However keep in mind that if you don’t cancel, the subscription will now continue on its own.

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