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Pola Bingo Terbaru Event MLBB X SANRIO Characters 2024


Pola Bingo Terbaru Event MLBB X SANRIO Characters 2024: The second phase of the MLBB x Sanrio character event started in July 2024, and the players couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of it. Sanrio MLBB 2024 Pattern Leaks are provided here; heed the pattern in order to get a deal on the MLBB x Sanrio character collaboration skin.


The Collaboration Event is one of the events that MLBB participants like. It’s not surprising that many are looking forward to this event as every collaboration event will certainly feature a very awesome collaboration skin.

Pola Bingo Terbaru Event MLBB X SANRIO Characters 2023

Transformers, Jujitsu Kaisen, and Star Wars are just a few of the popular fictional characters that have collaborated with Mobile Legends. In July, the mlbb and Sanrio character event is back. Did you obtain the skin in phase 1 of this event, which was formerly present? If not, step 2 is still open to you. This character may be found during the MLBB x Sanrio character event, which offers collaboration skins for four MLBB heroes: Change – Moon Artist, Claude – Bad Bro, and Floryn – Fluffy Dream. Given how much ciwais enjoy the Sanrio mascot, perhaps this event will appeal to female gamers more.

heroes on the move The smartphone game bang bang is popular among today’s youngsters. MLB’s popularity has been undeniable from its inception to the present. Every hangout must have mabar mlbb activities. It is true that many people adore mlbb.

The creation of a game cannot be separated from the developer’s labour of love. Players will never be bored because the game’s designer, Moonton, always has something exciting to give. For example, by highlighting exciting events, providing game enhancements, introducing new heroes, and so on. We dislike Moonton because it is inexpensive.

The collaboration event is the finest MLBB event since Moonton showcases outstanding, expensive skins there. Players seldom show up at this tournament. The only people who can follow it are those who have a piggy bank full of jewels. It’s a really significant occasion.

MLBB X SANRIO Pola Bingo Terbaru Pattern 

Depending on the mlbb cooperation occurrence, the bingo code or pattern changes. Knowing the bingo code will help you to estimate the location of the next bingo. The following are the most recent 2024 Sanrio mlbb bongo pattern leaks.

Since we don’t have any further information regarding Moonton’s bingo pattern system, the above code could or might not be accurate. But this code came from a user who took part in the mlbn x sanrio gacha event for this character. Thus, a brief summary of the Sanrio MLBB 2024 design was provided. We hope you can utilise this information.

  • 3-5-2-7
  • 4-3-6-5
  • 5-8-7-9
  • 8-2-6-5
  • 1-2-8-6-3
  • 2-7-8-4-9
  • 3-5-1-4-7
  • 4-5-3-9-6
  • 5-7-2-9-8
  • 6-4-1-3-2
  • 7-9-2-3-1
  • 8-5-4-9-2
  • 9-2-1-4-7
  • 1-4-2-8-6-3
  • 3-9-2-5-4-1
  • 4-5-8-9-3-2
  • 6-3-5-8-1-4
  • 8-7-5-6-1-2

This game’s Mobile Legends continue to give the most recent updates. In this case, you can enter the MLBB Sanrio Bingo Pattern 2024 Mobile Legends (ML) Bingo Event pattern. This information will you to learn more about this  event firsthand. Mobile Legends players must be well-in all aspects of the game. It’s wonderful to be of the various events that will occur in the game.

For a more detailed explanation, see What are the Phases of the Sanrio Hello Kitty July 2024 Mobile Legends (ML) Event. The moment has arrived. You will learn on that basis. We’ll also talk about

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