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Next Weapon Royale in Free Fire January 2024


Next Weapon Royale in Free Fire January 2024: New season of Free Fire has just begun, and online rumours regarding the following season have already started to spread. Leaked items include the Free Fire January 2024 Elite Pass and its awards, including the bundle outfits.

In Free Fire, the Elite Pass offers both free and premium cosmetics; however, a predetermined number of diamonds must be spent to gain access to premium prizes. Players can pick up a variety of items, such as avatars, bundles, vehicles, gun skins, and much more. Players find this method of getting cosmetics to be incredibly convenient and cost-effective because the pass is significantly less expensive than buying individual cosmetics from the store and comprises a variety of products.

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Next Weapon Royale in Free Fire November 2022
Next Weapon Royale in Free Fire December 2023

Garena constantly adds fresh collectibles to the game. Using luck royale events as a vehicle for incorporating rare things is a prevalent practise. According to reports, Garena will soon unveil a completely new Weapon Royale.

The occasion will include the Bizon Wraith Patrol in addition to the usual goods. Gamers must, as usual, spend a sizable amount of diamonds to acquire the same. Here is all the information you require regarding the upcoming event and its benefits.

All about the Free Fire MAX Weapon Royale Event:

To keep fans interested in the game, Garena frequently introduces these kinds of distinctive Luck Royale events. Gamers can soon discover a new one because the current one will soon come to an end. But as of right now, the event release is unclear. The Weapon Royale would last for a few weeks, just like the preceding occasions. Therefore, players will have plenty opportunity and time to earn such incentives.

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Knight Clown, a well-known data miner, has published a video revealing the impending prizes for the Weapon Royale Event. The major reward in the video is the Bizon Wraith Patrol, along with several smaller incentives. As we previously indicated, players should budget a significant quantity of diamonds, with each spin potentially costing 20 diamonds.

How to take part in the event:

Players can follow the steps mentioned below to acquire the rewards from the Weapon Royale in Garena Free Fire MAX:

Step 1: Players should boot up the game on their devices and head over to the Event section.

Step 2: They should click the ‘luck royale’ option and select the ‘Weapon Royale’ event. Numerous rewards from the event will appear on the screen.

Step 3: Finally, they can press the ‘spin’ button to start spinning.

So, this is all about the new weapon royale event. Meanwhile, there are more in-game events that are currently ongoing. So, stay tuned for more updates.

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