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How to Get and Use Ixia Guide & Best Build Mobile Legends MLBB 2024


How to Get and Use Ixia guide & Best Build Mobile Legends mlbb 2024: Ixia, the future Marksman hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), will be released in July 2024.

The new hero is an essential component of the massive Project NEXT update, which is jam-packed with exciting new content that will definitely attract gamers. Notably, this version brings Mobile Legends’ overhauled Emblem System, providing players with fresh chances for strategic advancement. Ixia, a new MLBB hero with great damage output and mobility, may be viable in the current meta.

Furthermore, throughout her debut week, the forthcoming marksman hero will make her big entrance alongside a special reduced offer on her basic skin, letting players to welcome her in style. We’d like to welcome everyone to our new hero Mobile Legends Ixia guide post, where we’ll be highlighting new hero Ixia. This article will go over the Basic Attributes, Skill Explanation, and Battle Spells. The Mobile Legend hero Ixia’s Emblem Set, Item Build, Skill Combo, and Tips & Tricks.

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How to Get and use Ixia guide
How to Get and use Ixia guide

Mobile Legends Ixia Skill Explanation:

On hit, Ixia’s basic attacks and talents impart a stack of Starlium Charge to foes. When Ixia uses two stacks of Starlium Charge to conduct a basic attack on an adversary, the attack consumes +200 Life steal and 10+ Hero Level physical damage to the target. Ixia regains HP equal to the amount of damage caused by Syphon Starlium.

Syphon Starlium can trigger all foes in front of Ixia, including Lord and Turtle, who are within her basic attack range, although it cannot critically hit. Ixia Basic Attacks, on the other hand, cannot cause Life Steal. It also leaves a passive mark on the target for 5 seconds. Ixia’s third basic attack (passive trigger) is incapable of critical striking.

All foes in range take physical damage, and Ixia’s movement speed is increased by 40%. The movement speed enhancement can only be applied to enemy heroes. It is ineffective against Monsters/Minions. This talent slows the opponent by 40%. All foes attacked will also receive a passive mark. This talent does physical damage and draws foes to the skill’s centre. It also includes a passive mark.

If the enemy are too near, it also has a knock back effect. Except for Lord and Turtle, the talent works on all targets. Ixia disassembles her weapon into six smaller weapons and enters a 5-second Barrage stage. In this state, Ixia cannot move, but her basic strikes may impact adversaries in a broad fan-shaped area in front of her.

Ixia’s basic strikes may now impact up to 6 opponent units (prioritising heroes), while Syphon Starlium’s damage is boosted by 60. This ultimate will broaden her skill 1 and skill 2 ranges. This talent works on all targets and can show foes hidden in the bush; however, the CC effect does not apply to this skill.

Tips and Tricks:

At level 1, activate skill 2 and proceed to the gold lane. You can also unlock skill 1, although we recommend unlocking skill 1 due of the stun. Ixia isn’t very strong in the early game, but her passive regen offers her an advantage over certain MMs when landing.

To eliminate the minion wave, use skill 2, then skill 1, and finally Basic Attack to finish them off. However, you must ensure that all of the minions are within attack range. If you are being pursued, you can use skill 2 followed by skill 1 to flee or reposition yourself. In a one-on-one battle, especially against a mobile hero, you should avoid utilising Ult.

Your Ult will extend the range of your skill and basic attack, so use it if you need some more range. In a team battle, do not use your Ult first because the opponents will disengage if you do. Wait for your opponents to engage or utilise their abilities. Then utilise your Ult and make sure you’re in a secure posture. This will allow you to easily win the battle.

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