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MLBB Promo Diamond Event January 2024 Release Date, More


In this article, we will talk about the MLBB Promo Diamond event 2024 and what it brings for gamers. The Promo Diamonds, one of the most anticipated events in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), will return shortly with a new appearance. The next MLBB Promo Diamond Event in December will be included in the yearly 515 update, which will include a slew of new content and freebies for gamers.

 MLBB Promo Diamond Event November 2023

This unique currency, now known as ALL STAR Promo Diamonds, may be used to offset the pricing of things in the shop, allowing gamers to earn enormous discounts on skins. As long as they have enough promo diamonds, players may buy skins for as little as one in-game diamond. However, there are some restrictions for users who want to buy skins from a specific category. 

MLBB Promo Diamond Event 2024 Release Date November

Elgin, a data miner, predicts that the next 515 ALL STAR Music Festival event would include the reintroduction of Promo Diamonds for players to obtain. This unique currency may be used to lower the cost of skins and other MLBB packages.

According to the video, participants in MLBB may earn Promo Diamonds by accomplishing various activities on the event interface. However, there may be restrictions on how cheap specific skins may be.

MLBB Promo Diamond Event 2024

According to the Promo Diamond’s description, it cannot be used with any other discount coupons. The new ALLSTAR skins can only be reduced to 100 Diamonds, while Moonlit Wish can only be discounted to 20 Diamonds. The remainder of the skins may be obtained for as little as one in-game diamond if the user has enough Promo Diamonds to utilize.


How to get free diamonds in Mobile Legends 2024?

One of the easiest ways to get free Diamonds in ML is through live streaming. The game offers players a few features that allow them to broadcast their gameplay in-game where other players can also watch them and donate gifts. These gifts will then be converted into Diamonds that they can use to purchase skins.

 What is an MLBB Promo Diamond Event?

In Mobile Legends, Promo Diamonds act as vouchers that you can use to buy ML things or skins at extraordinary limits. While standard Diamonds are blue, ML Promo Diamonds are yellow or gold. That is the reason this event is frequently alluded to as the Yellow Diamond event.

How to get diamonds in mobile legends for nothing?

One more astonishing method for acquiring diamonds in Mobile Legends is through KOL (Key Assessment Pioneers) Streaming. By turning into a well-known decoration or following one, you can acquire diamonds through giveaways, missions, and challenges. Draw in with your crowd, put on an engaging act, and see the diamond rewards come your direction.

Could I at any point give ML diamonds?

The most effective method to Gift Diamond Mobile Legends (ML) – Esports

You can do diamond gifts to your companions in Mobile Legends in two ways, the primary way is by garnishing up to no one’s surprise, however, by utilizing your companion’s record id and server, the subsequent way is by giving gift gifts through live stream.

 MLBB Promo Diamond Event November 2023

Next MLBB Promo Diamond Event 2023

The MLBB 515 event dubbed ALL STAR Music Festival will begin shortly, with a variety of activities for players to enjoy. MOONTON announced a surprise guest in one of its teaser videos, leading fans to assume it’s a K-Pop star group. Fans will have to keep an eye out for additional information on the next MLBB 515 tournament in 2024.

You must perform numerous activities given in the Daily Quests to get MLBB Promo Diamond Event in December 2024. The missions and their prizes are detailed below:

  1. Log in every day to get 20 Promo Diamonds.
  2. Play any game mode twice every day (15 Promo Diamonds per day)
  3. Play any game mode with friends twice (20 Promo Diamonds each day)
  4. Every day, you can top up with no minimum restriction (20 Promo Diamonds each day).
  5. You will get 75 Yellow Diamonds every day if you accomplish all of the objectives. As a result, the total number of ML Promo Diamonds available in this event is 1200.

Make sure to use your Promo Diamonds as soon as you get them. This MLBB Promo Diamond Event 2024 has a utilization period of only roughly 5 days.

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